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Liquid Screed in Kingston upon Thames




Liquid screed is becoming an increasingly popular choice in the UK for levelling the floors in both commercial and residential spaces. Proper installation comes with durability, cost-effectiveness and improved thermal conductivity. Liquid screed not only sets quickly but also boasts a long-lasting performance.

Specialised installation services are essential to ensure perfection in every aspect, and KM Flow Screed offers expert services for liquid screed in Kingston upon Thames. Our experienced team delivers high-quality floor finishes, catering to developers, homeowners and landlords with a cost-effective solution.

Advantages of Liquid Screed

  • Efficiency: Liquid screed is a highly energy-efficient flooring material suitable for commercial and residential projects.
  • Ideal for Underfloor Heating: It is an excellent choice for projects requiring underfloor heating systems.
  • Superior Insulation: Liquid screed offers more room for insulation than traditional screed, contributing to reduced heating costs and enhanced energy efficiency.
  • Self-Levelling: It spreads evenly and creates a smooth surface, reducing the need for additional levelling or smoothing work.
  • Time and Cost Savings: The self-levelling nature of liquid screed saves time and money during installation.

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Installation Process

Our process for liquid screed installation in Kingston upon Thames ensures top-quality, durable liquid screed services and entails the following steps:

  • We conduct a site survey to assess the need for site preparation before installation.
  • We thoroughly clean floor surfaces to remove debris, grease, oil, paint or any containment to ensure proper adhesion of the liquid screed.
  • After that, residues from cleaning products like detergents and soap (if used) are cleaned properly.
  • Then, we repair any surface cracks to prevent their appearance in the freshly applied screed.
  • We install a damp-proof membrane (DPM) to block ground dampness from entering the screeding and other floor materials.
  • We add an airtight membrane as an extra barrier layer, especially in areas with radon gas emissions, to prevent seepage.
  • We apply a sealant or primer on the base surface for improved bonding between the base and liquid screed.
  • Ultimately, we pour the liquid screed and allow it to set for at least 24 to 48 hours before walking on it or laying any flooring material.

Why K M Flow Screed?

With years of experience, K M Flow Screed has distinguished itself by staying updated on the latest trends and technologies.

If you need liquid screed services or have any inquiries, contact K M Flow Screed. Being experienced liquid screed contractors in Kingston upon Thames, we are here to assist you with your flooring needs.


How long does it take for liquid screed to walk on?

Typically, liquid screeds are safe to walk on after 24 hours. However, it’s best to avoid heavy traffic for a few days.

Can liquid floor screed be laid on any surface?

Liquid floor screed in Kingston upon Thames is an excellent choice for nearly any indoor application where a level and smooth floor surface is essential.

Is liquid screed waterproof?

It’s a new formulation with the graded aggregate of sand, cement and additives, creating waterproof floor screeds that resist water pressure above ground level.

Can you screed in the rain?

Floor screed can be poured in wet or cold conditions, provided the outdoor temperature remains above 3o C. However, ensure to add temporary protection while screeding.

How much can a liquid screed cost in Kingston upon Thames?

Liquid screed costs in Kingston upon Thames can range from £20 to £40 per square meter. The installation process can cover approximately 300 square metres a day.