Underfloor Heating in Harrow




Cosy and evenly heated indoors at reasonable fuel costs is what everyone wants and deserves, and fortunately, Underfloor Heating Systems (UFHs) provide such benefits. Being highly energy-efficient, these UFHs operate at lower temperatures, unlike conventional heaters, saving on your energy costs. Moreover, they are hygienic, keeping your indoors safe for healthy breathing.

Promising serene and healthy indoors, K M Flow Screed provides the best quality underfloor heating installations in Harrow. We have years of industry experience that enables us to handle all kinds of installations, from simple domestic to large and complex commercial systems. Avail our certified services for underfloor heating in Harrow and enjoy cosy interiors in chilling winters.

Get Your Desired Heating Installations

Our company provides you with the heating solution of your choice.

Electric underfloor heating systems: We install energy-efficient electric UFHs by carefully laying the best quality heat-conducting cables fastened to mats. The mats are laid on insulation to ensure that heat travels upward and the whole system is covered with screed. Lastly, we make connections so that you enjoy calm heat permanently.

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Water underfloor Heating Systems: For water UFHs, we install polythene pipes over insulation and cover with the screed. In the final steps, the connections are made, and warm water is provided in these pipes for heating your indoors.

Efficiency, Comfort, Savings

Installing UFH in your home or office enables you to enjoy greater comfort and peace:

Remarkable Cost Savings: UFHs require low maintenance with no regular servicing. This saves you from maintenance and frequent repairs, considerably cutting your expenses.

Ease of Installation: UFHs are much easier to install with minimum disruption. Their easy installation makes them suitable for all indoor settings, whether small or large.

More Energy Efficiency: UFHs need low energy for heating operations, making them more energy efficient.

Versatility: UFHs work with all types of floors, whether it’s wood, tiles, vinyl, etc. This makes them a feasible heating option for domestic and commercial properties.

Space-Saving Installations: Unlike conventional heaters that occupy your storage space, UFHs are installed under the floor, saving you space for other useful purposes.

All-in-One Services

Our company is a one-stop solution providing comprehensive services for underfloor heating in Harrow:

  • Quality installations serving your investment purpose.
  • Expert maintenance services for UFHs.
  • Underfloor heating repairs, ensuring optimal UFH working.

Premium Services at Competitive Costs

K M Flow Screed takes each measure to help its clients, whether it’s quality, dedication, customer service or service charges. Whether you need to install a water UFH or an electric UFH, our rates are competitive. Get premium services for underfloor heating in Harrow to enjoy cosy indoors.


How much time will it take to install my UFH?

Usually, it takes 2-3 days to install an underfloor heating system; however, the time can vary depending on your indoor area and the complexity involved.

What is the estimated cost of installing a UFH?

The average cost to install a UFH is around £2,300 – £11,000. Nevertheless, remember that it’s an estimated cost. Consult with our experts for an exact quote.

What factors decide the cost of installing a UFH?

Installing a UFH is dependent on the following factors:

  • Area of the space.
  • Type of the UFH system.
  • Labour involved.
How is a UFH beneficial?

UFHs are useful in many ways:

  • They are energy-efficient.
  • They fit all kinds of floors.
  • These systems are cost-effective.
  • They are easy to install.
  • They keep your indoors hygienic.