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We provide installation of underfloor heating Farnham systems so that you can enjoy comfort and warmth in your home even when it is very cold outside. The idea of warm flooring is relaxing in itself when you know how a cold floor feels. There are two types of underfloor heating systems:

  • Water-based heating systems are also known as “Wet systems” or hydronic systems.
  • Electric heating systems are also known as “Dry systems”

Wet systems use hot water from your boiler, run it through an arrangement of pipes installed under your floor, and circulate it back to your boiler. A great benefit of wet systems over dry systems is that the former can also be used for cooling your floors. Electric or dry systems generate heat through electricity which runs through cables installed under your floor. Both the systems are efficient when it comes to heating, and they have a lower running cost than the conventional central heating systems in your home. They can be installed in single rooms or to provide heat to your entire home.

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Underfloor Heating Installation Farnham

Underfloor heating installation does not involve complex steps. The underfloor heating installation Farnham is fairly easy for our specialists. Installation is even simpler if you contact us when your house is in the construction phase. If you already have a traditional heating system installed in your home and you want to replace it with underfloor heating, it may require additional steps and cost but the benefits of underfloor heating will outweigh this one-time installation or replacement cost. Our underfloor heating specialists in Farnham are known for the perfect installation. Read our customer reviews to learn about our service quality.

Say Goodbye to Cold Spots

You may have often experienced cold spots with traditional heating systems. Your entire home will seem warm, but you will get a whiff of cold air now and then. With underfloor heating Farnham, you will never feel any of these. The system distributes heat to your entire home by employing all three methods of providing heat, i.e. radiation, conduction, and convection. Your heated floor can be considered as a large-size radiator, heating the air above without leaving any cold pockets. As heat is passed from bottom to top, what you get is a uniformly heated room which provides you with incredible and consistent warmth.

Cut Down Your Bills 

Higher thermal efficiency and better heat distribution lead to the obvious result of energy savings apart from a much warmer home. These energy savings translate into a much lower bill for you. Conventional heating systems may use several radiators to heat your entire home and thus require a substantial supply of hot water. The pipes of a wet system have a normal diameter but they are several of them, enhancing the process of heat exchange just by using a much smaller volume of water. These facts make underfloor heating much cheaper than running traditional heating systems.

You Get More Space

As you don’t need any space for radiators when using an underfloor heating system, the same space can be used for other purposes. Your underfloor heating Farnham system is located completely underneath the floor, taking up no useful space in your home.

Safer and Cleaner

Underfloor heating systems are concealed under your floor. There are no hot parts or radiators to worry about, which makes them much safer for children and the elderly. They also do not increase or contribute to air pollution as they do not carry any debris or dust into your rooms.

Let Us Guide You to Make Smart Choices

Invite our underfloor heating engineers in Farnham to take a look at your home so we can better estimate the prep work required and your heating needs. Our engineers will conduct a thorough visit, and we will provide you with a cost estimate of your underfloor heating system. Electric systems are usually preferred for smaller areas, while for larger areas, wet systems are highly recommended. We will guide you every step of the way in underfloor heating installation and advise you on the best heating systems for your home and your budget.