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Underfloor Heating in Ealing




Underfloor heating systems, also known as UFH, offer great comfort in the form of incomparable warmth created by either the circulation of hot water through pipes installed underneath your floor or by passing electricity through cables. The resulting radiation heats the floor above, which in turn heats the air, and what you have is a lovely, cosy room in a matter of minutes.

UFH systems are considered more efficient because they do not leave any cold spots in your room and employ several heating modes, such as radiation, convection, and conduction, to provide a uniform temperature.

Our UFH experts provide top-performing UFH systems and install them to perfection in your homes so you can enjoy incomparable luxury and warmth. For effective and reliable underfloor heating installation in Ealing, get in touch with us today.

Dry or Wet?

A dry UFH system involves the usage of electric cables. The cables are installed underneath your floor, and electricity is passed through them, while a wet system uses your hot water supply to heat water pipes installed underneath your floor.

Both systems are equally efficient, but wet systems are considered better because they can also be used to cool floors during summer by passing cold water through the pipes. Regardless of the system you pick, you can rely on our experts for underfloor heating in Ealing. We can guide you through the benefits and costs of each and let you make your choice before installing the system you need.

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Complete and Reliable Installation

Our underfloor heating specialist will visit your site to carry out a detailed assessment of your heating requirements. They will prepare an underfloor heating system plan, including heat load calculation, layout, piping arrangement, and other aspects. Based on the plan, a quote will be presented to you, and we will get to work once you accept it.

The first thing done is subfloor preparation. The preparation depends on whether you have an existing floor that needs replacing or it is a new build. Our experts will ensure the subfloor is levelled and uniformed and that the site is free from all debris, dust, and garbage. After the subfloor is ready, insulation will be installed, and this will be followed by the installation of pipes or cables.

Once the installation is done, our experts will run a test to ensure everything is in order. A pressure test is carried out to ensure there is no leakage. The entire assembly is then covered with a screed layer on which you can install the flooring of your choice.

Underfloor Heating Repair Services

Our experts also provide underfloor heating repair services such as fault tracing, leak detection, electrical repairs, and replacement of damaged parts such as thermostats, pumps, pipes, etc.

UFH systems are usually sturdy and do not require repairs that often. However, when they do, call our experts, who specialise in repairing and replacing parts. Our specialists are available around the clock 24/7 to provide you with any emergency assistance. We also offer periodic maintenance and inspection services to keep your systems in check. Inspection of your UFH system can help identify any weak spots that can turn into expensive repairs.

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  • Highly competitive rates for systems and services to keep your underfloor heating cost low.
  • Routine maintenance and inspection services to keep your UFH systems working optimally.
  • Emergency services available around the clock to resolve any UFH issues.


Where does the hot water come from for a wet UFH system?

The wet UFH system is connected to your boiler for a constant hot water supply. The hot water circulates in the pipes and is pumped back to your boiler for re-heating.

How do UFH systems save space?

Central heating systems require radiators to be placed inside the rooms, which take up space. However, UFH systems are entirely underground, giving you all the space which you can use for other things.

Are UFH systems safe?

UFH systems are safer than conventional heating systems as there are no radiators and no dangerously hot surfaces which can hurt people.

What are the other benefits of UFH systems?

You can control the heating of individual rooms, which allows you more control over your heating costs. UFH-heated rooms retain heat much longer than conventional heating systems.