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Give Your New Home What It Deserves

You’ve built your new home, or maybe you’re designing a new office building in the city and are exploring flooring options. Well, look no further and get your liquid screed installation Surrey from us now, because we offer you a vast range of flooring options that will prove to be both fast, reliable, durable and good for long-term cost-effectiveness. We use a range of innovative and easily pumped liquid screeds to suit your requirements because you can never go wrong with liquid screed, as it provides a fast, efficient and precise floor covering.

KM Flow Screed: The Best in the Business of Liquid Screed Surrey

KM Flow Screed mops the “floor” with traditional sand and cement mixtures; this is especially true when it comes to underfloor heating systems. Heat is transferred quickly through the material, making sure your room reaches a target temperature much quicker, which ultimately translates to massive savings in your energy bills over time. It does this by covering the pipework entirely, leaving no air gaps that can slow down heat transfer. The liquid flow screed is up to 10% more effective in the heat transference stakes.

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Not only that, Liquid Floor Screed has shown to cut down construction times by a full week, as it remarkably reduces the time for drying and hardening, just seven days depending on the thickness and can be walked on with no problem after the first 24 hours!. According to accepted building protocols, after the first 75 mm, the screed shall take 100 days to fully harden, but because the top layers are already dry and settled in, there is no need to wait that long. Liquid floor screed Surrey will allow other tradesmen to work and get individual jobs completed in parallel, and the quicker individual jobs can be completed, the lesser the total cost of the project!

Liquid floor screed is surely your best bet in assuring a more efficient home or workplace. Because it not only saves time but is also stronger than traditional screed. A thin layer of liquid screed is actually stronger than a thicker layer of concrete. This translates to you being able to use more insulation materials as well, as liquid screed won’t take up as much space in your project. Thin layers mean tighter and well-connected layers that have clear benefits for overall structural integrity for your project.

Liquid floor screed is the choice of developers and homeowners alike. Whether you’re building an office building or a new home for your family or renovating your existing home, it doesn’t make much sense to use anything other than liquid floor screed. Long-lasting, stronger, lighter, cost-effective and energy efficient. A step into the future. Our team of highly trained liquid screed contractors in Surrey are ready to help you make all the right decisions.

We Offer a Wide Range to Choose From

Our experienced team is the best in providing premium liquid screed installation Surrey and will help you make the right decisions. We know that not every building project can be vastly different.

After thousands of satisfied clients across the region, we can confidently claim that we can handle your needs with our variety of floor screed options, some of which are listed below:

  1. The bonded screed will be bonded to the base using a bonding agent, ideal for thin flooring sections that are designed to hold up heavy objects. Say goodbye to cracked floors!
  2. Partially bonded screed is more affordable but, at the same time, not as durable. Ideal depths need to reach at least 50 mm to ensure it does not break too easily, and they should be laid on a rough slab for best results.
  3. Unbonded floor screed is not directly bonded and will be separated by a membrane. This screed levels on its own and is made of sand and cement, with a portion of calcium sulphate.
  4. Floating screed is applied over insulation.
  5. And last but not least, our speciality is superior to traditional screed mixes. Fast drying and fast setting, that is costlier than conventional screed mixes, but this cost is reasonable upon considering the cost and time.

So, if you’re looking to upgrade your living standards, save costs at the same time and need a durable option for new flooring, contact us for flow screeding services in Surrey. We are available six days a week!