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Liquid screed has become a standard flooring solution over the years, overtaking traditional cement and sand screeds. A mixture of sand, cement, and water, a liquid screed is used to produce a level and smooth floor surface.

K M Flow Screed is a trusted provider of excellent liquid screed services in Winchester. Whether you are constructing a new building, renovating your home or remodelling a space, we aim to provide premium-class services at a highly competitive price tag.

With our personalised services for liquid floor screed in Winchester, we treat every client and project with due attention and care.

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Our Detailed Pouring Process

Our liquid screed installation in Winchester follows these steps:

  • Calculating the Amount of Screed Needed: It is crucial to obtain the correct amount of screed; our experts start the process by visiting the site and correctly measuring the amount of screed required.
  • Removing Debris and Installing Insulation: Our experts will remove any dust and debris from the floor before installing insulation beneath the waterproofing membrane.
  • Laying the Watertight Membrane: The most important thing is to make the area watertight. A waterproof membrane made of polyethene sheeting will be used to ensure that the screed does not leak when it is pumped in.
  • Waterproof Shuttering: Our professionals will install formwork, which is required around obstructions and troublesome pipes, among other things, to ensure they are not damaged during the pouring.
  • Securing Under-floor Heating Pipes: If you want under-floor heating, it should be done now. After the installation of underfloor heating pipes, the surface is fully ready for liquid screed application.
  • Screedpods Adjustment: To begin the process of liquid screed application, our experts will set screedpods (levelling tripods) at various positions across the area to be covered, and then a flat plate will be adjusted at the centre of the tripod.
  • Screed Application: Afterwards, the screed is pumped to the area where needed and spread out. The consistency of the screed is cream-like, so it can easily run into the corners.
  • Removal of Screedpods: The screed is filled up to the level of the plate placed on the screed, then the pump will be stopped, and tripods will be removed.
  • Finishing: Lastly, the screed will be tamped with the help of screed dapple bars to remove any air bubbles and create a smooth finish, which will then be allowed to dry.

Benefits of Liquid Screed

By hiring our liquid screed contractors in Winchester, you will get the following benefits:

Easy and Quick Installation: When compared to other screeding types, liquid screeding is approximately ten times faster to install. It also requires significantly less labour. 

Greater Insulation: Because liquid screed has a lesser volume than other types, there is more area for thicker floor insulation, which improves thermal efficiency and lowers heating expenses.

Quick Drying: Owing to its reduced thickness, liquid screed dries faster than other forms of screed, making it ideal for applications that demand a quick turnaround.

Rapid Strengthening: In just 24 hours, the liquid screed surface will be strong enough to walk on. This is especially beneficial since it eliminates project delays by minimising the mix’s strengthening process.

No Shrinkage: As the liquid screed does not shrink, your surface will be smooth and free of cracks.

Best for Underfloor Heating: Liquid screed operates best when combined with underfloor heating. Because the liquid screed surface has no gaps, heat is distributed more evenly, enhancing thermal efficiency.

Liquid Screed Cost

The liquid screed cost in Winchester depends on the following factors:

  • The location of the project.
  • Total area that needs to be screeded.
  • The amount of screed required to meet the project’s minimum depth criteria.

Trust Our Reliable Services

K M Flow Screed offers efficient services of liquid screed in Winchester. We aim to create a flawless finish by following a carefully designed procedure. Our staff has all necessary gear and skills to provide and pour liquid screed for your construction job. Get in touch today!


What is Liquid Screed Used For?

Liquid screed creates smooth, levelled, and even floor surfaces and prepares the floor for final flooring.

What is the Minimum Thickness of Liquid Screed?

The minimum thickness of the liquid screed should be around 25mm for the standard version and 15mm for the specialist version.

How Long Does Liquid Screed Take to Harden?

After the liquid screed has been poured, it should be left untouched for 1-2 days, which is enough time for its hardening.