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Building a property surely requires a lot of money and time. You are eager to watch what stands in front of you when you are investing a lot. Your possession is being constructed after a great deal of dreaming and planning. What if your builders fail to provide you with even, solid and durable floors? What if the expensive flooring starts to sink or swell? Just imagine, after putting most of your energy into the construction, you still suffer due to minor negligence. Without any doubt, this is not what you want. Therefore, for radiant flooring, you need to contact the most qualified team in town. You need to call K M Flow Screed and let the specialists perform on the field.

Client’s Best Choice; Liquid Screed

Opting for liquid screed is one of your best decisions because when it comes to the foundation of floorings, you should not risk it.

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With emerging technology advancements, our liquid screed Basingstoke team suggests their clients use modern methods because of multiple reasons, for example:

  • Liquid screed is a current method with greater reliability and durability.
  • It is easy to prepare and simple to install.
  • The thermal efficiency is greater, which results in fewer heating bills.
  • Applicable to any flooring.
  • For installation, the workforce is less; therefore, it is affordable.
  • It dries quickly and is functional within 24 hours, thus making it suitable for roads and garages.
  • Provides even surfaces by levelling the ground.

Types of Liquid Screeds at K M Flow Screed

Flow screeding services in Basingstoke offer two major types of liquid screed installation. Both of them served with skill and perfection.

Replacement of Conventional Method: Anhydrite Screed

Composed of gypsum and sulphate, anhydrite screed is the modern method that provides stability, strength and thermal conductivity. We suggest this method as it perfectly finishes your floors, protects PVC pipes, etc.

Self-Compacting: Cementitious Screed

Cementitious is runny, so it successfully fills the gaps around the pipes; therefore, a levelled surface floor is guaranteed. This enables the easy installation of tiles, wood flooring, or any finishing you want.

Other Valuable Categories at Your Service

  • Bonded Screed: It is perfect for thin flooring that can bear heavy objects due to bonding agents.
  • Partially Bonded Screed: This one is comparatively easy on the budget but does not promise a long duration of proper functioning.
  • Unbonded Floor Screed: Mixed with a few materials, it is separated by a membrane that settles on its smoothing the ground.
  • Floating Screed: This is the best liquid screed, applied over an insulating surface.

Transparent and Hierarchal Operations

Liquid Screed Installation Basingstoke team conducts the operation in a transparent and hierarchal way. During our services, we look for the safety of our workers on site. We ensure that screed is installed carefully so that it does not cause inconvenience to our clients. Therefore, we have the finest method of installation, which is done following a series of steps:

  • The exact amount of screed required is measured to avoid wasting resources.
  • Soil is cleared and insulated well.
  • A water-tight membrane is laid.
  • Doors and steps are sealed and secured, so liquid screed does not affect them.
  • Underfloor heating pipes are specially checked, so they do not flow when the screed is poured.
  • After the sealing process, let the screed come to the floor!

Your Trusted Partner

Liquid screed contractors are your trusted partners because the market has labelled us as the most professional company with years of experience and excellence. Do you want to know the secret? Here it is,

Active Response to your Request

Whether you contact us for clearing queries, information or booking, you will find an active response from our side. We are eager to work with you and satisfy you because floor finishing gives the ultimate beauty to your well-built property.

Trained and Dedicated Team on Field

K M Flow Screed knows that only trained and dedicated workers can perform exceptionally on the field; therefore, we provide training to our team. We ensure that our team is aware of the process, possible problems, and efficient solutions during practical work.

Quality Matters

Do you know why our clients are satisfied and recurring? This is because we believe that quality matters. We use the best products available and confirm we do not burden our clients with huge bills. We have updated technology that enables our service to be efficient, presentable and worth availing of.

Large Scale Business Company

Liquid Screed Basingstoke works with residential, commercial and general contractors, which defines our vast exposure and fair dealings. Our experts deal with any size or floor. When you have the most competitive team on board, everything is possible.

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