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Liquid Floor Screed in Croydon




Liquid screed floors are in high demand. Being robust and durable, they create a quality floor surface that is level and relatively easy and cost-efficient. Liquid screed can easily fit any size and has the advantage of low shrinkage and cracking. It can be used in both residential and commercial projects.

K M Flow Screed provides efficient services for liquid screed in Croydon. Our specialists are experienced in giving high-quality finish to the floor surfaces. We provide cost-effective solutions to developers, homeowners, and landlords in the form of liquid screed, which requires relatively less time to set and lasts for many years.

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Advantages of Liquid Screed

Quick Installation: The process of liquid screed installation is speedy. Due to its nature, it can be done in 1-2 days, making it a quick and easy installation.

Less Labour Cost: Liquid screed is poured from a hose, making the process ten times quicker than the regular laying of traditional screed surface. This means less labour is required, so it cuts the labour cost.

Fast Drying: Stop worrying about the wet floor; liquid screed has the capability of rapid drying. It only takes 24 hours to dry, and then you can walk on it.

Smooth Floor: Liquid screed doesn’t shrink, so you will have a smooth floor without any bumps.

Perfect for Underfloor Heating: It is perfect for an underfloor heating system. Due to its form, it fills all the gaps and spaces to evenly distribute the heat, allowing for better thermal conductivity.

The Installation Process of Liquid Screed

Step 1: Measure the Required Amount of Liquid Screed

Identifying the amount of screed required for the specific area is essential. Our floor screeding contractors never make mistakes in this step and do the survey by themselves.

Step 2: Remove Debris and Lay Insulation

We then remove all the dust and debris from the site where the liquid screed will be set. If an insulation layer has to be added, it is done now.

Step 3: Lay the Watertight Membrane

To make a waterproof membrane, a polyethene sheet is used, and we ensure there is no leakage when the screed is poured; there will be a shallow, watertight pool where the screed will collect.

Step 4: Waterproof Shuttering

Formwork around the obstacles and pipework will be required so water and screed don’t get to these places. Shuttering across doorways or stairs, for instance, must be sealed with expansion foam to make it watertight.

Step 5: Secure Underfloor Heating Pipes

If the underfloor heating system is used, then it needs to be secured; this will not let things float up once the liquid screed is added.

Now if everything is secured and watertight it’s time to pour the screed. However, it’s best to fill the pipes at this stage to prevent them from being squeezed by the screed.

Wait at least 24 hours before walking on it.

Our Wide Range of Liquid Screed Services

  • We can provide a smooth and flat surface with floor screeding in Croydon, allowing for the efficient installation of underfloor heating systems and all types of floor coverings.
  • We install liquid screed in places vulnerable to bacterial infection, such as food preparation and medical settings, schools, and nursing homes, as it does not allow bacteria to gain a foothold in the floor surface.
  • We can also provide floor screed installation services during house extension and house refurbishment projects to repair the installed floor surfaces.

K M flow Screed – Your Liquid Screed Partner

Our liquid screed contractors in Croydon have years of experience and are available to make your floor surfaces level and smooth per your requirements. Contact us to get the cost quote.


What will be the composition of the liquid screed?

The composition of anhydrite liquid screed includes gypsum-based binder, sand, and water.

What is the cost of liquid screed in the UK?

The average cost of liquid screed floor per meter square is £33, but it is not fixed; prices may vary according to material and area.

Which one is better: liquid screed or cement?

Liquid screed has many advantages over traditional cement floors such as less labour, quicker installation, and lower tendency of shrinkage.

Why is liquid screed considered environmentally friendly?

Liquid floor screed in Croydon contains recycled materials and enhances thermal conductivity to make your property energy-efficient. Based on its ecologically sound characteristics, it is regarded as “green flooring.”