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Liquid Screed in Hammersmith




Liquid floor screed is a reliable option as a floor base, suitable for all kinds of flooring options. It provides a smooth, durable surface with greater thermal conductivity, an optimal choice for underfloor heating system installations.

K M Flow Screed provides the best quality liquid screed in Hammersmith. We are skilled floor screeding contractors, well-equipped professionals delivering quality screeding for commercial and domestic sectors. Get specialised floor screeding from our expert services.

Liquid Flow Screed Is an Excellent Option

  • Liquid screed installation is easier, taking less time and labour costs.
  • You do not have to wait longer due to its 24-48 hour fast-drying time.
  • It’s a durable flooring base option, so the chances of any risks are eliminated.
  • Lastly, it gives you super-smooth bases with zero bumps.
  • Liquid flow screed can be made thinner as per the project requirements.

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Dedicated Services for Perfect Installations

Being professional liquid screed contractors in Hammersmith, we take care of every measure to ensure a perfect liquid floor screed installation:

  • We conduct a visit, carefully measure the area of your room, and calculate the required amount of screed to avoid any waste.
  • We remove any debris and make the surface clear for installing floor screeding in Hammersmith.
  • We lay a reliable thick membrane under the pipework to avoid any screed leakage.
  • Lastly, we seal the doors and carefully install liquid screed, ensuring a smooth and shiny surface.

Versatile Services at Your Property

Apart from providing liquid floor screed in Hammersmith, we deal with other types of screed as well:

Bonded Screed: We provide bonded screed with an optimum thickness of 25-40mm that connects with the concrete subfloor.

Unbonded Screed: Our unbonded screed is the best option for areas having dampness issues. This screed is laid on a damp-proof membrane that separates it from the concrete substrate.

Floating Screed: We also install a floating screed added to an insulation layer. It has a thickness of 65 mm-75 mm.

Why Us?

  • We are dedicated professionals with years of experience supplying floor screeding in Hammersmith.
  • Our team is well-trained and certified to provide flow screeding.
  • We have acquired all the tools, machinery and vehicles to prepare and deliver the screed at your site.
  • We are a large setup, and our numerous satisfied clients speak of our excellent services.

Delivering Quality at an Affordable Cost

Our company complies with all the standards of quality and convenience. We utilise the best quality materials and deliver second-to-none services for liquid screed in Hammersmith. Our affordable packages enable you to build your properties with peace of mind.


Can liquid screed be used for any floor?

Liquid screed has versatile usages, which means it can be laid for all flooring types.

What is the estimated cost of liquid screed?

The cost of liquid screed depends on the amount you need, your location, and the complexity associated with the installation. Usually, the cost is almost £20 per m2.

What is the composition of anhydrite liquid screed?

This screed consists of water, gypsum-based binder, aggregates and additives, whereas a general cement-based screed has water, sand and cement as its components.

What is the setting time of the screed?

The setting time for the screed is 24-48 hours.