Underfloor Heating Installation Woking

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The secret to living a comfortable life in winter is heated floors. They not only offer convenient and even heating but can also help reduce your utility bill. K M Flow Screed provides you with the best underfloor heating services Woking. Our underfloor heating specialists in Woking ensure that you get the best service available while having your every heating need met.

Advantages of Underfloor Heating with K M Flow Screed

Why Go for Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating is a growing concept in the UK. With the ease of installation and the convenience of it all, it just makes sense to go this route for heating. Underfloor heating eliminates all those issues and instead offers a concealed and more efficient heating solution. K M Flow Screed provides you with professional underfloor heating installation Woking that will last an eternity without faults.

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Underfloor Heating Provides You with Much More Efficiency

Our underfloor heating engineers in Woking have estimated that underfloor heating is about 41% more efficient than traditional radiator heaters. While radiators require a temperature set at anywhere from 65-75 degrees Celsius to operate efficiently, underfloor heating can achieve the same if not a better result at only 29 degrees Celsius.

Also, not only do they operate at a lower temperature, but unlike traditional radiators that emit heat from a specific place in a room, leaving cold spots, underfloor heating evenly covers all areas eliminating cold spots.

K M Flow Screed are professional underfloor heating installers in Woking that are fully trained and committed to finding and providing you with the best solution.

Underfloor Heating Installation Woking
Underfloor Heating Installation Woking

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Underfloor heating rarely needs any servicing, but for your convenience, if needed, K M Flow Screed also has your underfloor heating servicing in Woking covered.

With sealed piping and a temperature control system, underfloor heating eliminates the everyday hassle of maintaining the traditional boiler or your fireplace.

Through our pressure testing, the possibility of a leak is eliminated. This means that once laid down; the pipes never have to be dug up again. Maintenance can often lead to not only a headache but also costly and inconvenient technician calls. Underfloor heating saves you money in the long run in terms of servicing and your utility bill.

Underfloor Heating Takes Care of Your Health

Normal traditional radiators and heating equipment can often lead to problems for people with asthma or people with allergies. The dust in the circulating air can lead to breathing problems and results in an overall polluted environment around you. Underfloor heating provides a clean and dust-free heating solution to ease your discomfort. To take care of yourself and your loved ones, contact K M Flow Screed for underfloor heating Woking.

The Freedom to Design Your House the Way You Like!

With our underfloor heating in Woking, you can design your house the way you like without the hassle of planning your dream house around bulky radiators. You can try getting the most up-to-date and portable heaters, but they all take up some amount of space. Imagine a scenario where you can decorate your walls without a barrier and can place your coffee chairs in any corner.

Underfloor heating provides you with exactly that. Underfloor heating can be installed in every part of your house, providing you with a main or a supporting means of heating.

The Safe Way to Heat Your Place

Traditional boilers and heaters contain sharp edges that can cause real damage if one is not careful. Furthermore, the heated surfaces of traditional boilers and heaters pose an imminent threat to the young ones at your place. Underfloor heating means that the whole system is securely put away, ensuring no sharp edges and no burns.  

Your Partner, Every Step of the Way

  • Consultation: Before starting anything, it is crucial to understand exactly what you need so that we can cater to your needs.
  • Materials: We only use the highest quality materials so that you always have peace of mind.
  • Staff: Our underfloor heating engineers in Woking are professionally trained in every aspect of underfloor heating and in satisfying all your needs.
  • Installation: Our installation team is available Monday to Saturday at any time convenient to you. We also work in the most discreet way possible, ensuring your comfort.
  • Finishing Touches: We leave your place looking better than before by applying screed and levelling where required, resulting in a spotless finish.

K M Flow Screed aims to provide you with the best underfloor heating installation Woking has to offer and is suitable to serve you within an 80-mile radius.