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The use of liquid screed in the construction of commercial as well as residential buildings has gained immense popularity over time. Many liquid screed contractors in the region provide the best of services. One of the most noticeable is K M Flow Screed, your trusted provider of expert liquid screed applications in Crawley.

About Us

K M Flow Screed is based in Woking but supplies its products and services to different parts of the UK. We are providers of various services, including underfloor heating, and self-levelling liquid screed in Crawley. Our services have been hailed as the best one could find anywhere within the UK.

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Liquid Screed Services

These are the most in-demand services for which we have a dedicated and effective combination of specialists and trucks, providing the highest grade of liquid screed levelled perfectly at the site where it is required.

We offer all types of screeds based on their composition and how they are laid out on the subfloors. Therefore, our customers have the flexibility to choose how they will be lining their floors using our products and services.

Benefits of Availing Liquid Screed Services

It is no wonder why people prefer to avail flow screed services, considering the many benefits they have to offer:

  • Strength and durability
  • Great thermal conductivity
  • Adds energy efficiency to the house
  • Fits any size
  • Easy and cost-effective application
  • Low shrinkage
  • No risk of cracking

The Various Types of Screed

If you are considering liquid floor screed in Crawley, it is always important to be able to distinguish its various types and applications.

Bonded Screed

When the screed is poured directly onto the subfloor, it is considered a bonded screed. Since the outcome is the screed being bonded directly with the substrate, hence the name.

Unbonded Screed

We call a screed unbonded when a membrane separates the screed from the floor onto which it has been poured. Therefore, there is no bonding between the screed and the substrate.

Floating Screed

This is the instance where the screed is levelled onto a layer of insulation, which separates it from the subfloor. On such an occasion, the screed is deemed to be floating on the insulation.

Cement Screed

This is the more traditional form of screed composed of four parts of sand mixed with one part of cement. Water is mixed into the dry mixture, turning it into the substance of a very high use case we call screed.

Anhydrate Screed

This variation of screed is composed of calcium sulphate and contains high amounts of gypsum content. Anhydrate screed emits lesser CO₂ than its sand-cement counterpart, making it most desirable.

K M Flow Screed

K M Flow Screed is a pioneer of underfloor heating and self-levelling liquid screed services in Crawley. We have spent many years in the business, and these years have taught us much. Acting on the intelligence and intuition gained, we have raised the bar for our services. These services reach most parts of the UK, and most of our customers testify to the high service standards we have maintained.

If you have a structure that is under construction or renovation, you might want to avail the benefits of having your subfloor spread with liquid screed. Get in touch with K M Flow Screed if you want the best liquid screed services. We will be delighted to provide you with the best liquid screed installation in Crawley!


How much does liquid screed cost in Crawley?

Your total cost will vary by the total space that you want covered by the liquid screed and the thickness you desire for the floor lining agent. However, on average, liquid screed contractors in Crawley demand from £15 to £20 for every m² of floor surface area covered.

Will liquid screed installation hinder my underfloor heating?

Liquid screed tends to supplement underfloor heating efforts through its highly conductive nature. Therefore, liquid screed allows for an effective spread of heat throughout the floor in very little effort, helping to make your home more energy efficient.

What thickness are all screed applications?

The thickness of each screed application varies with the type of screed being used. So, whether anhydrate is being used or the traditional sand-cement mixture, and if it is bonded, unbonded, or floating type of screed, differences in results are bound to happen. Consult K M Flow Screed to know exactly what thickness your required screed installation will be.