Liquid Screed in Staines




Liquid screed is utilised for making floor surfaces smooth and levelled. It has gained popularity at both commercial and residential levels in the UK. An efficiently installed liquid floor screed guarantees durability, economy and better thermal conductivity of your floor. Therefore, liquid screed installation in Staines requires you to hire a professional to carry out the whole process effectively.

KM Flow Screed provides efficient services for liquid screed in Staines. We have a team of specialists who are experienced in giving high-quality finish to the floor surfaces. We are committed to providing a cost-effective solution to the developers, homeowners, and landlords in the form of liquid screed, which requires relatively less time to set and lasts for many years.

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What Good Does Liquid Screed Do to Your Floors?

Liquid screed provides you with these benefits:

  • Minimises the risk of cracking.
  • Reduces the chances of fracturing.
  • Adds strength to floor surfaces.
  • Does not require additional reinforcement.
  • Involves fewer construction joints, leading to low shrinkage potential.
  • Ensures health & safety as it is non-combustible.
  • Allows hygiene by preventing the entry of bacteria.
  • Guarantees a smooth finish.
  • Contains a high percentage of recycled materials, making it more sustainable.
  • Requires lesser installation time compared to traditional screed.
  • Increases thermal conductivity and enhances underfloor heating efficiency.

Our Wide Range of Liquid Screed Services in Staines

  • We can provide a smooth and flat surface with liquid screed in Staines, allowing the efficient installation of underfloor heating systems and all types of floor coverings.
  • We install liquid screed in places which are vulnerable to bacterial infection, such as food preparation and medical settings, schools, and nursing homes, as it does not allow bacteria to gain a foothold in the floor surface.
  • We can also help you with floor screed installation during house extension and house refurbishment projects to repair the already installed floor surfaces.

Liquid Screed Installation Process at KM Flow Screed

  • Conducting the site survey.
  • Preparing the area where liquid screed is to be installed.
  • Cleaning the original floor surfaces to remove any debris.
  • Allowing the floor surfaces to dry out naturally.
  • Mending the cracks present in the floor.
  • Putting down a damp-proof membrane to avoid the entry of ground moisture in flooring materials.
  • Applying a sealant or primer after the floor base is prepared.
  • Spreading screed on the floor surface.
  • Ascertaining the SR (surface regularity) level of the screed after it gets solidified.

Your Call Is Important to Us

We have extensive experience in providing liquid floor screed in Staines, and our expert team members deliver the project on time without causing any hassle. Our services come with:

  • Strong commitment
  • Reliability
  • Customer satisfaction
  • High-quality

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What is the recommended thickness of liquid for domestic and commercial settings?

A minimum thickness of 40mm of screed is suggested for installation in commercial properties. However, in domestic settings, a screed layer of 35mm is recommended.

What are the types of liquid screeds?

There are two broad categories of liquid screed, including:

  • Cementitious (A mixture of cement, sand, screed binder, and water)
  • Anhydrite (Calcium Sulphate or Gypsum)
How is liquid screed beneficial for underfloor heating installation?

Liquid screed is an ideal option for underfloor heating as it encases underfloor heating pipes and reduces the chances of damage. It also creates a void-free absorption medium and radiates heat, enhancing the thermal conductivity and efficiency of the UFH system.

How long does liquid screed take to set?

Liquid screed is fast to apply and gets dried quickly, making it ready to be walked on just after two days.

Why is liquid screed considered environmentally friendly?

Liquid floor screed contains recycled materials and assists in enhancing thermal conductivity to make your property energy-efficient. Based on its ecologically sound characteristics, it is regarded as “green flooring.”

What does liquid screed cost in Staines?

Liquid screed is estimated to cost £25 to £35 per square meter of floor.