Liquid Screed in Northampton




Liquid screed has gained popularity as a modern technique for floor screeding. It is crafted with finer aggregates, providing an exceptionally levelled, uniform, sleek surface, ideal for serving as a base for the final flooring.

K M Flow Screed is your trusted partner for liquid screed in Northampton. We have years of expertise in the industry and have proudly established ourselves as the leading floor-screeding contractors, delivering tailored services for domestic and commercial flooring.

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Perks of Choosing Liquid Screed

Easy and Effortless Installation

We provide liquid screed services with a significantly faster installation time compared to other screeding methods, requiring less labour to complete the installation process.

Enhanced Comfort with Better Insulation

We install liquid screed at reduced depth, making more space to incorporate better floor insulation. Thicker insulation enhances thermal efficiency, which ultimately results in potential savings on heating bills.

Quicker Drying Time

Liquid screed flooring has the ability to dry quickly, making it suitable for projects requiring swift completion.

Faster Strengthening

Our liquid screed flooring reaches a sufficient strength level to walk on it within 24 hours. It is highly advantageous as it reduces the time for laying flooring.

Shrinkage-Free Assurance

We install liquid screed flooring that has a remarkable ability of no shrinkage, which guarantees that the surface won’t have cracks, and you can enjoy a flawlessly smooth finish.

Liquid Screed Contractors | Our Installation Procedure

The liquid screed installation process is quicker and simpler as compared to traditional screed.

The installation process comprises four main steps:

  • We start with cleaning the sub-flooring area, ensuring the removal of any dirt, dust or debris from the surface.
  • After cleaning, we start fitting the insulation into the sub flooring area to create a waterproof seal, which saves your underfloor heating system from liquid screed’s seepage.
  • Then, we pour the liquid screed onto the prepared subflooring surface and spread it evenly with levelling tools, ensuring the floor is appropriately covered with the liquid screed.
  • We allow the liquid screed to dry for up to two days, before laying any other flooring.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Liquid Screed

Numerous factors can affect the cost of liquid floor screed in Northampton, which are:

  • Screed thickness
  • Size of the area to be covered
  • Property’s location
  • Drying time

The average cost of liquid screed is £19 to £24 per square metre.

Why Choose K M Flow Screed?

Our team is trained and dedicated to delivering specialised services of floor screed in Northampton. We are well-educated in all the complexities, employing the latest techniques to deliver optimal solutions.

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Is liquid screed suitable for all types of flooring?

Yes, liquid screed is a suitable and versatile choice for a wide range of flooring in commercial and residential spaces like kitchen, bathroom, retail shop, offices, etc.

What advantages do liquid screed offer over sand and cement screed?

Liquid screed is better than traditional sand and cement screeds due to its attributes, including compressive, flexural strength and reduced ability to shrink or curl.

What are the liquid screed’s ingredients?

Anhydrite liquid screed comprises a combination of gypsum-based aggregates, additives and water. The gypsum-based binder is composed of 98% recycled materials, which makes liquid screed entirely recyclable.