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Since the beginning of civilisation, humans have made immense innovations in heating systems. From lighting a fire with stones to installing large central heating systems, we have spared no stone unturned to provide a comfortable and cosy environment to our loved ones.

The underfloor heating system is the most innovative heating system that utilises the entire floor and turns it into a radiant heat source. Owing to its efficiency, underfloor heating installation in London has become a highly popular choice within a few years.

K M Flow Screed is a highly experienced underfloor heating specialist in London. We have a qualified team of heating engineers and technicians who provide complete design, installation and repair services for these systems. They also carry out underfloor heating maintenance in London.

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Understand Your Heating System with Us

We understand that it is very important to get a grasp of the system before finalising the design. This is why our engineers and technicians will also guide you through the anatomy of the system, which will increase your understanding regarding it. Briefly put, the underfloor heating system has the following key components:

  • Cables or heating pipes are installed on the floor for electric or water-based underfloor heating systems, respectively.
  • Insulation is laid under the pipes, which makes the system more energy efficient by preventing heat losses to the subfloor.
  • A manifold is a control unit that maintains the heat, water flow, and pressure in the pipes.
  • A thermostat can control the temperature of the heating system according to the requirement of the occupants.
  • The pump is used only in water-based underfloor heating systems. It circulates the water from the boiler to the manifold.
  • The boiler is also a component of a water-based system. It heats the water and circulates it through the heating pipes under the floors.
  • The control system helps you to control the heating system wirelessly through your computer or mobile devices.
  • The flooring of any type can be used with underfloor heating systems. However, there are some materials like tiles, stone or concrete that are better heat conductors than other materials.

Sprinkle a Pinch of Innovation in Your Design

Our qualified staff not only provides underfloor heating service London for installation but will also offer valuable suggestions about the type and design of the heating system that will be more suitable for your house. They will induct all suitable innovations to make your heating system more efficient and controllable, such as:

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats provide you with complete wireless control over the temperature settings. You can make adjustments using your mobile device or your laptop. The latest generation of smart thermostats can even learn your routine settings and can adjust temperatures accordingly to provide more comfort and efficiency.

Renewable Energy Sources

You can integrate solar panels or ground source heat pumps into your heating system. This will reduce not only your energy bills but also your carbon footprint.


Zoning is a very effective method to reduce the unnecessary energy consumption. In this, you can divide your house into multiple zones with their own thermostats. This technique allows for customised temperature settings for all the zones.

Underfloor Cooling

Underfloor cooling is becoming popular very swiftly. It is more suitable for warmer areas. In this system, cool water flows through cables or pipes to provide a good alternative to the air conditioning systems.

Invisible Heating

In this system, heating pipes or mates are installed directly beneath the finished floors. This method allows more flooring choices as compared to traditional underfloor heating systems.

Smart Flooring

Smart flooring is cutting-edge technology in which sensors are installed on the floor. They can sense temperature and humidity levels in the environment and can adjust the settings according to the conditions.

K M Flow Screed: A Name of Trust and Quality

K M Flow Screed is a highly trusted underfloor heating company in London. Our young and innovative team of experts and years of experience in the field have made us the leading choice for underfloor heating system installations.

If you want to enjoy comfort through innovation, you can hire K M Flow Screed for efficient underfloor heating service at your home as well as your office. Our capable team of professionals can also carry out any kind of underfloor heating repair in London. You can contact us today to hire our complete services for underfloor heating systems.