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Floor Screeding in Wandsworth

Floor screeding means adding screed over the concrete layer or heating system to get a levelled floor. For a smooth finish, it is usually used before the final flooring, like tiles, carpets or other flooring, is laid. Floor screeding is vital if you are considering rebuilding your home or adding refurbishments, such as changing the flooring.

K M Floor Screed makes your floor screeding in Wandsworth a stress-free experience. We provide premium liquid screed installation services and underfloor heating options in Wandsworth, extending our services to Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, East and West Sussex, Hertfordshire and London.

Our team of experts are well known for their experience, expertise and courtesy. We are keen observers to ensure precision in our work and analysis. We know construction demands effort and attention, and our contractors pay rigorous attention to your project details to ensure no aspect is overlooked in designing a customised solution.

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Types of Floor Screeding We Offer

Heated Floor Screed

It is an efficient and widely used service that we provide. In this type, our floor screeding contractors install heating pipes encapsulated in a moisture-resistant membrane underneath the screed to provide a seamless underground heating installation with a premium floor finish. Such screed floors are flowable in nature, providing complete coverage to the heating pipes.

Floating Floor Screed

We suggest using this type of floor screed if you have a heating system. We apply a thin sheet of thermal or acoustic insulation before installing the floor screed. A thick membrane is placed between the screed and insulation. We provide different widths of the screed depending on your project.

Bonded Floor Screed

As evident from its name, we use strong bonding agents for this type to bond the floor screed directly with the concrete. The thickness for this type is 15mm-50mm, again depending on the requirements. We suggest using this type for heavy load enduring floors.

Unbonded Floor Screed

It includes three layers. The first layer is your concrete. We add a thin membrane like polythene or a moisture—resistant membrane and then apply a thick screed layer. This type applies a thicker layer than the bonded screed floor.

Prime Liquid Floor Screeding in Wandsworth:

Flow screed or liquid floor screed in Wandsworth is becoming a highly popular option than traditional floor screeds due to its quick and easy installation, smooth finish and perfect working with underfloor heating systems. Their self-levelling properties have made it popular among our clients.

Our liquid screed contractors in Wandsworth are known for their superior quality liquid screeding services. Besides traditional floor screeds, we offer different liquid screeds like pumpable calcium sulphate and pumpable cement-based screeds. For cost and time evaluation, give us a call!

Our Working Process

  • You go to our website and fill out the form to get a quote, or call us and get an estimate. Then, we schedule our project.
  • Once we take over the project, we do an initial site inspection and retake measurements for precision. At this point, we also give you a customised plan for your project.
  • Our trained experts come with all the tools and give you a hassle-free floor screed installation.
  • Once the screed is dried, we do a final assessment and take your feedback. Once you are satisfied, we take our payment and leave the place as new!


What is the composition of the floor screed?

The primary constituents of traditional floor screed or cementitious floor screed include water, cement and sand. The liquid anhydrite screed is made by adding water and antihydrite binders. However, many constructors add other additives to reduce the setting time and increase strength.

Where can we use floor screeding?

Liquid floor screed in Wandsworth is used in construction projects to even out the floors before adding the tiles, carpets or other flooring. It is also used to provide thermal and acoustic insulation and is a great choice for applications like underfloor heating systems.

Is liquid screed better than traditional forms of floor screeding?

It is quicker and more efficient to install than the traditional methods. It requires 8 times less time and can be applied into thin layers. Unlike cement and sand screeds, it provides better thermal insulation.