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Liquid Floor Screeding Company in Hampshire

Screed is used to create a uniform and smooth top surface over concrete. It is used in residential and commercial properties for several purposes, including surfacing and increasing the efficiency of your underfloor heating system.

Liquid Screed vs Dry Screed

Pump at Inaccessible Areas

Liquid screed differs from dry screed. It has smaller aggregates, making it more fluid and easier to install than dry screed. Its consistency allows us to pour or pump it precisely at the place it is needed. Unlike dry screed, its consistency will enable us to pump the screed to even unreachable nooks and crannies.

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Self-levelling and Smooth

That’s not all. Once the desired volume is pumped, there is no need for levelling the surface as the liquid screed is self-levelling. Its pumping ability also results in a compact and airtight surface that is highly uniform and even.

Thinner Insulation Needed

Once the liquid screed is applied and cured, you can install your flooring over it. Compared to dry screed, a much thinner layer of liquid screed is needed, which leaves more room for thicker insulation layers.

Get the Smoothest Floor Screed in Hampshire

Our liquid screed specialists in Hampshire will create the smoothest screed layer on your concrete surfaces, providing you with a flawless application of liquid screed at highly competitive rates. We have worked on numerous screed application projects to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Our services extend to various regions of the United Kingdom. Get in touch with us, and our floor screed contractors in Hampshire will advise you regarding the best screed application for your floors and the most efficient underfloor heating systems.

Quick to Install and Quick to Dry

Unlike dry screed, liquid screed is quick to dry. With the flow screed services, you can walk on the surface after 48 hours of application and install the flooring of your choice. If the purpose of screed application is to complement your underfloor heating, the full screed efficiency will be evident once you start using your underfloor heating system. This is done gradually by heating at low temperatures. The screed will be completely cured in just a few days of working with the heating system.

Liquid screed is applied on top of your underfloor heating system and ensures that all the voids are filled, leaving no cold spots.

Bonded and Unbonded Screed Varieties

Our liquid screed Hampshire services allow you to choose between bonded or unbonded screed. Bonded liquid screeds are bonded to the concrete surface with the help of bonding agents. Unbonded liquid screeds are applied differently: A dampproof/waterproof membrane is first applied on the concrete base, followed by the application of unbonded screed. This creates a barrier between the two and protects against water contamination. Both work equally well and are highly effective in enhancing the heat efficiency of your underfloor heating system.

Increased Heating Efficiency

Apart from our liquid screed Hampshire application services, we also install underfloor heating systems. Liquid screed and underfloor heating work incredibly well together and offer the following benefits:

  1. The thickness of the liquid screed layer is much less than dry screed, so it enables us to install thicker layers of insulation. This minimises the heat loss from your underfloor heating system.
  2. The screed fills up the entire room floor and creates a uniform layer, ensuring uniform heating across the room.
  3. The screed fills up all the voids between the heating pipes, the floor, and the heating system. This improves the heat exchange between the pipes and the floor, providing a more efficient underfloor heating system.
  4. With improved insulation and enhanced heating, the efficiency of your underfloor heating system is increased, and your energy bills are reduced.

Why K M Flow Screed?

  • Our floor screeding experts have considerable experience and have completed numerous projects.
  • Our liquid screed is prepared from top-quality components to ensure a long-lasting application and quick cure time.
  • We offer our services at highly competitive rates compared to the market.
  • Liquid flooring screeding Hampshire application enhances the thermal efficiency of your underfloor heating system and reduces your energy bills.
  • We provide comprehensive services under one roof, from underfloor heating systems installation to liquid screed applications.