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Liquid Screed in East Sussex




Liquid screed has outclassed the traditional dry screed as an exceptionally compatible solution with underfloor heating. Enhancing thermal conductivity and distributing heat evenly throughout your living space, it requires professional handling of its installation to ensure flawless finishing and optimal performance.

K M Flow Screed provides superior quality solutions for liquid screed in East Sussex for various applications. We give first-class services and flawless finishing to ensure customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Liquid Screed Installation

We are the liquid screed contractors in East Sussex, providing premium quality liquid screed installation, which offers you the following advantages:

  • We use the highest quality liquid screed material with fast drying times.
  • We ensure a quality finish, making the floor surface seamless.
  • Our experts ensure even distribution of the liquid screed to give a flawless look to the floor.
  • Our specialists install liquid floor screed in East Sussex, ensuring minimal shrinkage risk and covering imperfections.

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Types of Liquid Floor Screed

These are the popular types of liquid floor screed in East Sussex:

Flow Classic Liquid Screed

It is perfect for bonded, floating, or unbonded construction and can easily be incorporated with electric or warm water underfloor heating systems. It utilises 33% fewer materials than the traditional screed and can be installed at 50mm, providing superior performance.

Flow-HTC Liquid Screed

This type of liquid screed is compatible with all underfloor heating systems, encapsulating the pipes to allow better heat transfer. It has a speedy reaction time, allowing high thermal conductivity.

Flow Rapide Liquid Screed

It can be installed rapidly by up to 2000m2 per day, allowing reduced project time. Its finishing does not require any spraying on curing membranes, thus leading to reduced airborne contamination and other safety risks. Moreover, it can be loaded after seven days and allows for early foot traffic.

Flow TS15 Liquid Floor Screed

It is a thin levelling liquid floor screed perfect to utilise on floors with extremely restricted height. It is a cost-effective alternative to other materials as it can be installed quickly, almost 2000m2 per day. Thus, it also saves you time.

Flow-xS Liquid Screed

It is an exceptionally strong and flexible liquid screed, offering improved strength. It is suitable for joists, allowing easy incorporation of underfloor heating system. It can be installed in various locations, including garages, shops, warehouses, etc.

Self-Compacting Flow Screed

This liquid screed combines high-quality flow binder, including specific types of sand, water, and special additives, if needed. It can also be used for high-rise applications where liquid screed must be pumped to ten stories without segregation danger.

Why K M Flow Screed?

We are the leading floor screeding contractors in the UK, providing services customised to your requirements. We ensure on-time project delivery with perfection.

We are always happy to discuss any challenges you are encountering and provide friendly advice. Contact us to get our services of liquid screed in East Sussex.


Is it worth investing in floor screed in East Sussex?

Liquid screed can be installed in various places as its unique formulation allows quick and easy distribution even over large areas. It transforms any floor surface, covering all the imperfections, bumps, or cracks. Thus, it also reduces the repair or replacement cost of flooring material.

Why is liquid floor screed better than traditional screed?

Liquid floor screed is better than traditional screed because of its:

  • Quick and easy installation, reducing the overall time of your construction project.
  • Smooth finish, providing a delighted look and feel.
  • Impressive applications, requiring no reinforcement.
  • Diverse uses, including construction, renovation, underfloor heating, etc.
  • Non-combustible composition, ensuring customer’s safety.
Is liquid screed better for underfloor heating systems?

Indeed, liquid screed is an ideal option for underfloor heating. It encases the pipes to create an excellent void-free medium to absorb and radiate heat energy. It also enhances the thermal conductivity, thus improving the underfloor heating system’s overall efficiency.

How much cost is required to install liquid floor screed?

Typically, the cost of installing liquid floor screed ranges from £19 to £24 per m2.