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A mixture of cement, sand, and water, liquid screed ideally creates a smooth and level surface and prepares it for polishing or other floor finishing applications. Over the years, the demand for liquid floor screed has dramatically increased, accounting for approximately 15-20% of the present screed market.

Ensuring the highest quality and efficient liquid screed installation requires the services of industry experts, who provide long-lasting solutions to keep the surfaces intact for years.

K M Flow Screed is the leading installer of liquid screed in Chichester. With a commitment to delivering high-quality floor surfaces at minimal prices, we serve homeowners, landlords, and other commercial businesses with ideal screed solutions.

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Benefits of Liquid Screed

By availing our service of liquid floor screed in Chichester, you’ll receive the following benefits:

Quick Installation: Liquid screeding is much quicker and easier to install than other screeding types – around ten times faster. Also, it requires much less labour.

Excellent Insulation: Due to the liquid screed’s significantly reduced volume compared to other types, there is more space for thicker floor insulation, which provides better thermal efficiency and lowers heating costs.

Quick Drying: Liquid screed dries more quickly than other types of screeds due to its reduced thickness, making it perfect for applications that require a fast turnaround.

Fast Strengthening: The liquid screed surface will be sturdy enough to walk on in just 24 hours. This is especially helpful since it otherwise prevents delays in the project during the mix’s strengthening process.

Super Smooth Finish: Since liquid screed doesn’t shrink, your surface will have a smooth finish without any cracks.

Best for Underfloor Heating: Liquid screed performs at its best when employed in conjunction with underfloor heating. Since there are no gaps in the liquid screed surface, heat is dispersed more evenly, increasing thermal efficiency.

Application of Liquid Screed

For the efficient installation of liquid screed in Chichester, we follow these steps:

Calculate the Required Amount of Screed: The proper amount of screed must be obtained in order to prepare for the job. So, we visit the site and precisely measure the amount required.

Clean Up the Area and Install Insulation: The area to be screeded must be made watertight before anything else, but before it, we clear the floor of all debris and dust.

Put the Watertight Membrane: To ensure that the screed does not leak when pumped in, a waterproof barrier made of polyethene sheeting is employed over the insulation.

Insert Waterproof Shuttering: In order to prevent screed and water from reaching barriers and pipes, formwork is created around these areas.

Secure Underfloor Heating Pipes: If underfloor heating is installed, we secure the pipes and trays properly before starting the process.

Lay the Screed: Now we are all set for the final step, when we apply the screed on the floor.

Factors Affecting the Liquid Screed Cost

Our liquid screed cost in Chichester varies with the following factors:

Location: The project’s location greatly affects the cost, as transportation of materials is a big factor to consider.

Area to Be Covered: A larger floor area needs more screeding.

Screed Depth: This cost element directly relates to the amount of screed necessary to achieve the project’s minimum depth requirements.

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Can I Perform Liquid Screed Installation in Chichester Myself?

Liquid screeding requires precise measurement of cement, sand, and water, and it also needs to be applied carefully. Therefore, it is recommended to hire expert liquid screed contractors in Chichester for better application and to make your floor sturdier.

Is Liquid Screed Waterproof?

Liquid screed acts as a shield against water to protect the underlying floor’s integrity; however, external waterproofing is recommended to make it more water-resistant.

How Can I Get a Quote for Liquid Screeding Service?

To get a quote, contact our team via the phone number provided on our website. Our crew will discuss your project with you and provide a cost estimate.