Liquid Screed in West Sussex




Greater strength, efficient drying times, and zero shrinkage are the features that make liquid screed a preferred option for your underflooring needs. Its easy installation, durability, and self-levelling ability make it distinctive among other underflooring options.

K M Flow Screed promises the best-quality liquid screed in West Sussex, enabling you to lay smooth and reliable floor surfaces. We are a team of professional floor screeding contractors skilled in all kinds of commercial and domestic liquid screed installations. Connect with us to lay reliable subsurfaces for your floors.

Ideal Option for Your Floors

Utilising the best quality materials and appropriate mixings, we provide the top floor screed in West Sussex that serves all your purposes:

Fast Strengthening: Liquid screed is much more reliable in terms of strength. Its components make it rigid enough to support high traffic.

Ease of Installation: The prominent advantage of liquid screed is its ease of installation. With ten times fast installation, it saves you quality time and additional labour costs.

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Quicker Drying Times: We design liquid screed with a composition precise enough to ensure quicker drying.

Greater Insulation: Due to its less voluminous nature, it allows for the installation of thick insulation sheets, which means better insulation and more energy efficiency.

Zero Shrinkage: With no shrinkage involved in liquid screed, your surface stays intact and free of cracks.

All Types of Screed

Being professional liquid screed contractors in West Sussex, we deal in all types of liquid screed:

  • We deal in bonded screed that is effective for surfaces with a heavy traffic load. It is 25-40mm thick.
  • We provide floating screed with a thickness of 65mm+ or 75mm, which is suitable for floors with underfloor heating systems.
  • We offer self-compacting liquid screed that dries within 1-2 days to give a strong surface.
  • Our unbonded screed with a thickness of 50mm is a recommended choice for surfaces with high dampness risks.

Premium Quality at Affordable Costs

K M Flow Screed ensures premium quality floor screed in West Sussex for its commercial and domestic clients. For your further ease, we have arranged our costs affordably, allowing you to get the best floor screed at reasonable costs.

  • Years of industry experience delivering premium heating and screed solutions.
  • Proficient handling of all the technical concerns for laying a smooth liquid floor screed in West Sussex.
  • A well-maintained fleet of trucks to deliver floor screed at the agreed time.
  • Dealing in all residential and commercial projects.


Will my floor screed in West Sussex need reinforcement to avoid cracks?

No, floating screeds do not shrink, which means there are no chances of cracks, and you will not need reinforcement.

What is the setting time of the screed?

The setting time for the screed is, on average, 6 to 48 hours, with its drying time of almost 1mm per day.

Why is the liquid screed a good option?

Liquid screed is useful in many aspects:

  • It offers easy installation.
  • It has a quick drying time.

It has greater strength.

What is the estimated cost of liquid screed in West Sussex?

The cost of screed depends on its type and the area of your floor. The tentative value of this screed is £25-£35 per m2. However, do not forget that this is an estimated cost, and for an accurate price estimate, connect with our experts.