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Liquid screed is a cement-like material, often calcium sulphate, which is used to make a levelled and uniform layer over concrete flooring. The application of liquid screed has several benefits, including better insulation, noise reduction, improving the floor’s conductivity, and improved aesthetics. Liquid screed is pumped to fill in the voids beneath your floor, which otherwise will make your underfloor heating less effective. It is applied using a pump and transported in a truck mixer. If you are not getting the desired results from your underfloor heating system and you also want to benefit from the other remarkable properties of liquid screed, get in touch with us today for your liquid screed reading.


  • Highly Durable and Crack Resistant

If you want to create a smooth and uniform floor surface which prevents the formation of cracks and is highly durable, then liquid screed is a good option. Its hardwearing properties enable it to withstand high traffic and heavy weights. Liquid screed does not shrink, and therefore, the risk of developing cracks is very low. Our technicians use the top-quality liquid screed, which is long-lasting and reliable.

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  • Increased Thermal Efficiency of Your Underfloor Heating System

Electric and hydronic underfloor heating systems employ a network of cables or pipes to distribute heat evenly throughout your floor. However, there are voids between the pipes and the floor, which reduce thermal efficiency as some of the heat is lost in these voids. Pumping liquid screed into these voids and filling them up reduces heat loss considerably, allowing your underfloor heating to be more efficient. The effectiveness of underfloor heating also depends on the type and size of insulation installed. Only a thin layer of screed is enough to fill up the voids. This gives you the option to install much thicker insulation, further enhancing the thermal efficiency of your system.

  • Highly Affordable Liquid Screed Installation Reading

Liquid screed is not an expensive material and can be used to cover the floor of your entire home. Moreover, the cost becomes even more irrelevant when you consider the benefits liquid screed offers. From enhancing thermal efficiency to preventing the development of cracks, from providing insulation to reducing the risk of cracks, liquid screed has countless advantages. The application of liquid screed also reduces noise and creates a smooth aesthetic surface. Avail of our flow screeding services in Reading today to get the best out of your underfloor heating system.

Which Type of Liquid Screed is Suitable for You?

Liquid screeds can be bonded, unbonded, and floating. The bonded application involves the use of adhesives with the liquid screed. Unbonded involves the installation of a waterproofing membrane such as PVC between the floor and the screed. This is usually carried out in buildings where there is dampness or where there is relatively higher moisture in the environment. A floating screed is typically used for strengthening a thermal/acoustic layer. You do not have to worry about any of these, as this would be the job of our technicians to identify which liquid screed is best for your environment and your home.

Liquid Screed Reading Installation Process

Once you contact us for your liquid screed installation Reading installation, our specialists will investigate your floor and check the entire area. You will be provided with an estimate of our services and the cost of liquid screed. If you accept the quote, we will provide you with an appointment date. Our team will reach your home on the appointed date and perform all the necessary steps, including cleaning your entire area to get rid of dust and debris, installing of waterproof membrane, pumping of screed, etc. After the complete application and finishing, the floor will be left to cure. The traditional or dry screed can take many days to dry, whereas the liquid screed dries within 24 to 48 hours. After seven days have passed, the underfloor heating system will be used to speed up the complete drying process. This is carried out by our professionals in a controlled environment to ensure proper drying.

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