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Living in cold weather is very challenging for everyone. People generally use the technological advances of underfloor heating systems to warm their houses. Underfloor heating constitutes a radiant heating arrangement positioned beneath the flooring, and it eliminates reliance on conventional radiators, presenting a more effective and visually appealing heating alternative.

K M Flow Screed is your top-tier provider for underfloor heating in Croydon. We guarantee the flawless incorporation of underfloor heating systems, ensuring peak performance and comfort in your space. Rely on us for accuracy and dependability in crafting a warm and efficient environment.

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Types of Underflooring Heating System

Generally, there are two types of underflooring heating systems.

  • Electric Underflooring Heating: In this type of UFH, electric cables and mats are installed beneath the floor of the building to produce a warm and comfortable environment.
  • Water Underflooring Heating: In water underflooring heating, warm water pipelines are installed beneath the floor to make it warm.

Why Underfloor Heating Services with K M Flow Screed?

  • Advanced Underfloor Heating Installation: We provide specialists who install the underfloor heating system at affordable rates, ensuring maximum efficiency and comfort in your space. Receive personalised consultations to understand your heating requirements, with recommendations for the most appropriate underfloor heating installation.
  • High-Quality Flow Screed Application: We utilise top-quality flow screed application for a smooth and uniform surface, optimising the performance of your underfloor heating.
  • Great Heating Coverage: We employ the latest techniques for maintaining your indoor temperature, providing with the comfort you seek.
  • Underfloor Heating Repair: Access continuous maintenance and prompt repair services to keep your underfloor heating system in optimal condition.
  • Energy-Efficient Solutions: Adopt energy-efficient practices to reduce energy costs while maintaining a warm and comfortable environment.

Benefits of Underfloor Heating

  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to install and operation
  • Room temperature flexibility
  • Prevents dust circulating of coals
  • Supreme comfort
  • Works alongside other heating systems

What Sets Us Apart

  • We provide 100% satisfaction to our clients at affordable costs.
  • We house a team of specialists installing premium underfloor heating systems.
  • We provide a streamlined in-heating system, eliminating your need for bulky radiators.

We are the trusted company in the region, providing premium solutions to warm your house. Be it underfloor heating installation in Croydon or the UFH repairs or maintenance that you want, we promise guaranteed services via experienced professionals for long-lasting results.


Are you providing services for underfloor heating repairs in Croydon?

K M Flow Screed houses specialists who provide all services related to UFH, including complete repair solutions for your underfloor heating.

How long does it take to install heated floors?

Typically, it takes two to three days to install the UFH system. It depends on how many rooms you need to warm, the depth and type of the screed, and how many workers install the heated floors.

Is it expensive to install underfloor heating?

Generally, underfloor heating is more expensive to install than radiators, given its environmental and long-term benefits. Its cost depends on the size and type of the system you want, and usually falls between £50 and £135 for a new house and £60 and £185 during a renovation.

Can I install an underfloor heating system myself?

An underfloor heating system requires qualified experts to install it perfectly. K M Flow Screed houses specialists for the precise installation and cost-friendly services of underflooring heating.