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Liquid Floor Screed in Cambridge




The flooring of your home or office plays a vital role in creating a functional and aesthetic interior. Before any flooring can be installed, it has to be ensured that the ground is wholly levelled and uniform. Unlevelled floors will be unpleasant and damage your top layer, such as vinyl tiles, wooden flooring, ceramic tiles, and others.

Liquid screed installation is the best solution to ensure the floor is completely levelled. This self-levelling compound creates a smooth and uniform finish over the subfloor, which is typically concrete. It serves multiple purposes apart from levelling, such as creating a non-porous layer, reducing sound, and improving the efficiency of your heating system.

Our experts offer you the installation of top-quality liquid screed that allows you to enjoy all these benefits. Get in touch with us for the installation of liquid screed in Cambridge.

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Enhanced Thermal Efficiency

Liquid screed, also known as flow screed, has a relatively higher thermal efficiency than dry screed. It is self-levelling and creates a uniform layer over concrete, filling in all the pores and holes. It works especially well with an underfloor heating system. The heat transferred to your floor from the heating system spreads evenly across the floor, which improves its radiation.

Liquid screed application is typically carried out in thin layers, which gives you room for installing thicker insulation. This reduces heat loss and, therefore, reduces the load on your heating system. With our liquid screed services, you can reduce energy costs while enjoying better heating.

Quick Installation and Curing

Our experts will ensure that the installation site is free from dirt and debris. The floor will be prepared to ensure no cracks or holes. Once the initial layer of liquid screed is applied, it usually takes one to two days to become firm. The final curing depends on the layer thickness and environmental conditions but can usually take anywhere between 7 and 21 days.

If you have an underfloor heating system, the setting and the qualities of the liquid screed will enhance over time with the heating turned on. The self-levelling property of liquid screed ensures no air bubbles even with heating, so you need not worry about them.

We will ensure the perfect application of liquid screed in Cambridge for your residential and commercial properties.

Process of Liquid Screed Application

  • Surface Preparation: The installation floor is levelled and cleaned.
  • Installation of Edge Restraints: Edging is installed to prevent the screed from going beyond the boundaries.
  • Application of Primer: A primer is applied to improve adhesion.
  • Installing Dividers: A grid of dividers is placed that permits the liquid screed to expand or contract.
  • Application of Screed: The prepared screed mixture is poured over the surface.
  • Levelling: The screed layer is levelled to ensure uniformity and desired thickness.
  • Removing Air Bubbles: It is ensured that there are no air bubbles in the screed layer with the help of a suitable tool.
  • Finishing: The surface may be further smoothed with the help of tools such as trowels or power floats.
  • Curing: The screed is left to settle down and cure.

Why Choose Us?

  • Experienced and highly skilled floor screeding contractors.
  • Reduced energy costs and increased thermal efficiency.
  • Highly competitive pricing compared to the market.
  • Quick turnaround time for installation.
  • Higher efficiency of underfloor heating systems.


Can liquid screed be used for commercial applications?

Liquid screed is suitable for installation in all property types and settings. Because of its properties, many commercial and industrial settings can benefit from liquid screed application.

Can liquid screed layers be repaired?

Liquid screed forms a sturdy and durable layer over concrete. However, it can be easily repaired with fresh liquid screed if it gets damaged.

How thick is the liquid screed layer?

Thickness can vary according to requirements, typically falling between 25 and 75mm.

Can I step on a freshly applied screed?

Liquid screed dries within 24 to 48 hours. Stepping on it before that can ruin the layer.