Based in Woking, K M Flow Screed Ltd can be counted on to install a range of liquid screeds in homes throughout the area. Get in touch with our team for a competitive quote or to learn more about what we do.





Liquid screed offers a number of benefits over traditional cement-based screed systems. It is much faster to mix up and install, and as a liquid it is better at filling all the gaps and dips that might be present, resulting in an overall smoother surface. It also dries quicker, thanks to its ability to be laid in thinner layers; floors can be touch dry and safe to walk on in as little as 24 hours, and fully solidified in a matter of days; thickly applied traditional screeds can easily take weeks, sometimes months to fully set!

Any flooring system can be used on top of screed; it can even be polished for a unique look in any property. It is also more suited for use with underfloor heating, as it fully covers the pipes, leading to better heat efficiency.

Whilst the materials may cost more than conventional screed, the reduced labour times means it can be a very cost-effective option, especially if you are working to a schedule.

This all adds up to a high-quality flooring solution in a short timeframe. With minimal downtime and lower labour costs, what’s not to like? And by choosing the skilled team at K M Flow Screed, you can enjoy a professional finish and a stress-free install.

Trust K M Flow Screed to take care of everything

Preparation is key, and the team at K M Flow Screed can be counted on to handle it all. We’ll ensure that your floorspace is cleared of debris and loose material and as level as possible, to minimise material waste and ensure a speedy service.

All installations are carried out by skilled screed specialists, ensuring there are no errant bubbles or imperfections that will impact the end result.

Looking after your screed

Screed is a fairly durable material that will give you years of trouble-free use if looked after from the beginning. To get the most out of your flooring system, the team at K M Flow Screed recommends:

  • Blocking light from windows and doors during the initial drying time (around 24-48 hours) as direct sunlight can impact how the material sets.
  • Avoid heavy footfall/furnishings/objects on the floor for around 7 days; longer for large installations. Whilst it is safe to walk on after 48 hours, the surface needs a few more days to fully harden.
  • Underfloor heating or a dehumidifier can sometimes be used to aid drying times; we will advise on if this is appropriate for your installation.
  • In colder, more humid climates, drying times may be longer. We will advise on this.
  • If you want to polish your screed, we recommend waiting for the floor to be fully set, and choosing an experienced concrete floor polishing specialist.

If you have any other questions about looking after your new screed flooring, feel free to get in touch.