Concrete Underfloor Heating




Underfloor heating is an excellent and must-have feature to add to your home. There may be many reasons for underfloor heating concrete floor construction: to cater to cold rooms, save space by doing away with traditional radiators, or have a comfy and cosy floor underneath your toes.
Moreover, underfloor heating systems are highly versatile because they can be installed under all types of flooring, such as stone, laminate, wood or carpet. And if you are looking for concrete underfloor heating on your current concrete floor, K M Flow Screed renders those services too.

Underfloor Heating for a Concrete Floor

It is always an ideal choice to hire professionals to install an underfloor heating system, especially when you don’t have the expertise and skills.
In concrete screeded floors, the screed spreads the heat evenly across the surface, providing a cosy and even floor temperature.
Though there are many methods of laying concrete underfloor heating systems depending on the construction, the most common and popular installation method is as follows:


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  • First, a concrete slab is placed on a damp-proof membrane.
  • A piece of insulation at least 20 mm thick is installed at a height that includes the screed and depth of floor insulation.
  • The insulation layer may be visible; our workers cover it with skirting boards and wall plastering.
  • The entire area is covered with floor insulation, and the joints are taped to stop the screed from getting between the insulation boards.
  • Now the floor is ready for installing heating pipework.

How Underfloor Heating Works Great with Concrete Floors

As concrete is a great heat conductor, its thermal mass helps retain the heat, ensuring that each room and spot stays warmer for a long time. Your home can stay warm even after the heating is turned off, which is a huge benefit.

After a successful installation, the underfloor heating on concrete floor will be warmed and held in place by the concrete, absorbing the heat. You can also run the concrete underfloor heating system at a low temperature of around 16C to create an even temperature in your house.

What Can You Get from Underfloor Heating System?

Underfloor heating systems are among the fastest-growing home improvement projects in the UK. They are an ideal solution for homes with renewable heating sources.

Here are some of the top benefits of underfloor heating systems:

Low Maintenance Cost

One of the most common reasons for installing this system is that it requires relatively low maintenance than traditional radiators. Once it is correctly installed, it hardly requires complicated maintenance.

Energy Efficient

Underfloor heating is a more economical and efficient heating solution than old or traditional heating systems and radiators. Your bills will be vastly reduced, and you will be able to save on utility expenses.

Room Warm for a Long Time

The house’s floor once heated, holds heat much longer than conventional radiators. This way, your house will stay warmer for longer.

      Healthier and Hygienic Environment

      The quality of the air we breathe affects our health. As the underfloor heating system is installed underneath the floors, ventilation and heating are separated. This way, they don’t put anyone in danger of injury or burns – everyone will be safe from falls and slips.

      Even and Equal Warmth of the Space

      No one wants to feel cold in winter, which is one of the most common reasons people opt for underfloor heating systems. UFH systems provide even heat distribution, making your home a comfortable and relaxing place. Everyone in the house, even kids, can move free and barefoot around the house.


      Undoubtedly, we all want our homes to look and feel welcoming and inviting. Unlike radiators, whose coils are eyesores, the underfloor heating system is installed under the floor. This makes your room not even look spacious but also makes your interior aesthetic, neat and clean.

      Fit with Most Types of Floor Surfaces

      Another amazing benefit of this system is that you can install the system with any floor, such as wood, vinyl, carpet, tiles, laminate or even concrete underfloor heating.

      • At K M Flow Screed, we cater to all your requirements and needs concerning underfloor heating concrete floor insulation and the entire heating system.Coin Resin Flooring
      • We have licensed and registered engineers to help you with all the necessary services, be it installation, repair or general maintenance.
      • Our team never charges additional rates after completing underfloor heating in concrete slabs.
      • We will provide superior services without compromising on quality.