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Underfloor Heating in Barnet




Underfloor heating promises an evenly heated, soothing, and cosy interior environment, ensuring your body feels relaxed with the heat emitted.

These systems are highly energy-efficient, which means fewer bills. Added to these distinctions is their ability to keep your indoors clear of dust circulation, unlike conventional heating systems.

K M Flow Screed provides the best quality solutions for underfloor heating in Barnet. We have a skilled staff of licensed professionals for premium underfloor heating installations in Barnet for your domestic and commercial properties.

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Smart and Sustainable Heating Solutions

Installing underfloor heating systems allows you to enjoy numerous advantages with a single investment:

Greater Energy Efficiency: One of the prime features of UFHs is their ability to operate at minimum temperature. These reduced temperature operations mean less energy consumption and low bills. Also, unlike traditional heating systems, UFHs keep your room heated for several hours once switched off.

More Comfort: UFHs also stand distinct for enhanced indoor comfort. As their pipes are spread all along the sides and the centre of the floor, these systems evenly heat your indoors from all sides.

Customised Temperature Controls: UFHs are fitted with dedicated thermostats that allow you to regulate your indoor temperature.

Better Hygiene: UFHs are much more health-friendly as they maintain a certain level of humidity and moisture; these help dust mites and creepy crawlies settle down. Hence, they keep your air free from harmful allergens and parasites.

Greater Compatibility: UFHs are laid under your carpets, vinyl flooring, engineered wood, etc., and you do not have to install solid surface flooring like tiles or stones. Hence, they save you additional costs for solid flooring surfaces.

More Space Saving: Due to their sleek design, these UFHs are adjusted under the floor, saving you space for useful purposes.

Versatile Services Under One Roof

K M Flow Screed provides a range of underfloor heating services in Barnet:

Meticulous Installations

We provide well-versed installations for all types of UFHs:

Electric underfloor heating systems utilise electric heating cables or mats installed beneath the floor’s surface. These are energy efficient and are feasible for all types of flooring.

Wet underfloor heating systems contain hot water in their tubes under the floor. Hot water is circulated through these pipes, heating the floor and, in turn, radiating heat upwards into the room.

Careful Repairs

We provide expert underfloor heating repairs for your heating systems. Whether it’s an issue with your thermostat or heating unit, we tackle all types of repairs.

Timely Maintenance

Our underfloor heating specialists are proficient in all maintenance tasks to keep your system functioning smoothly.

Premium Services at Affordable Costs

K M Flow Screed is a name of quality, customer satisfaction and convenience. Following our policy, we have planned our packages to be budget-friendly, making it convenient for clients availing our installation, maintenance and repair services.


What is the average cost of installing an underfloor heating system?

The cost of installing a UFH depends on the system types, your location, the area needed to be covered and the labour involved. Therefore, contact professionals at our underfloor heating company for a precise estimate. However, as a tentative cost, you can expect:

  • £2,300 – £2,600 for a property of 60m2 with a contractor rate of £30 per hour
  • £4,000 – £4,500 for a property of 60m2 with a contractor rate of £30 per hour.
Which UFH is better for me?

The type of system you need depends on your preferences. Nevertheless, consult with our experts; they will listen to your queries, analyse your requirements and guide you professionally.

How is installing a UFH beneficial?

Installing UFH is useful in many aspects:

  • It is cost-effective.
  • UFHs are hygienic.
  • They give more serene indoors.
  • They are energy-efficient.
Can I install my UFH myself?

UFH installation is a technical job involving piping, making connections, and adjusting the operational settings of the system. Therefore, hiring professionals to install underfloor heating in Barnet is recommended.