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In business for years, K M Flow Screed is a leading supplier and installer of liquid screed in Portsmouth. We efficiently manage the entire supply process, ensuring that our clients receive the best services.

The chain of command at K M Flow Screed runs smoothly. The operatives are managed by project supervisors, who, in turn, are overseen by our administration. The project managers at the top of the command ensure an error-free installation process. Our liquid screed contractors in Portsmouth also operate in other states. Additionally, they are available for all commercial, industrial and domestic projects.

What is Liquid Screed?

Screed is a thin layer of material (typically) made of cement and other components laid on top of a concrete subfloor. The purpose is to create a smooth surface for other finishing systems, such as hardwood floors, tiles, or carpets. However, with the best techniques and innovative pumping methods, specialists at K M Flow Screed prefer using liquid screed instead.

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Although a relatively new invention, liquid screed is an ideal alternative to its traditional counterpart. Liquid screeds are pumped using heavy-duty machinery, directly pouring them onto the site. Manufactured with self-levelling compounds, the screed sets itself, and the floor takes around 3-4 days to get ready to walk on.

Experienced Professionals at K M Flow Screed

Over the years, K M Flow Screed has worked on thousands of projects with varying requirements. By now, with our polished skills, we are able to install a well-prepared floor with a premium quality finish, achieved through intensive sanding and moisture tests.

Additionally, K M Flow’s liquid screed Portsmouth services are ideal for commercial and industrial projects, especially where higher than usual loads are expected. Our extra strength screed can bear up tons of loads without breaking out, perfect for areas like parking areas, service stations, garages, etc. Whatever your scale of project may be, K M Flow Screed has the best liquid screed contractors in Portsmouth who deliver a perfectly levelled floor within the given time and budget.

Liquid Screed Installation – The Process

First off, we start with a pre-installation visit, where a thorough examination is conducted. Our liquid screed Portsmouth experts check the surface membrane for any additional alterations such as taping or sealing. We might also give any advice necessary to the owner prior to the installation, depending upon the nature of the project. This is to ensure that a proper preparation process is carried out to avoid any risks or complications further ahead.

On the day of the installation, the depth and surface area of the site is measured to determine the required amount of liquid screed. The liquid screed material we use is decided by the client with assistance from our consultation experts. As soon as the screed arrives at the site, it is flow-tested to ensure accurate viscosity and whether or not it complies with British standards of quality.

Finally, the liquid screed is pumped in place using our top-of-the-range specialist pumps. Once the material settles, it is then dappled to remove any trapped air and achieve the perfect level finish we aimed for. Once the process ends, our liquid screed installation Portsmouth experts supply the property owner with an aftercare guide, equipping them with all the instructions and advice on precautionary measures, polishing, primers, or installation of other floor finishing systems.  

Benefits of Liquid Screed Installation Portsmouth from K M Flow Screed

  • We use products from leading suppliers in the UK, providing our clientele with a premium finish as promised.
  • Our liquid screed has thin viscosity and self-settling compounds that level much better than traditional screeds.
  • Liquid screed installation is super easy and quick, so you won’t be hanging around for days waiting for us to complete it.
  • Increased thermal diffusion and insulation properties, making it ideal for floor heating systems.
  • Our screed includes anti-crack fibres along with anti-shrink agents that help reduce the risks of cracking no matter what climate or temperature you use it in.

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