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We provide various heating and insulation solutions to major regions of the United Kingdom. Our services include:

  • Installation and replacement of underfloor heating services in Portsmouth
  • Underfloor heating repair in Portsmouth, and general servicing
  • Application of liquid screed
  • Application of self-levelling compounds

Our services cover areas like Portsmouth, Reading, Bracknell, Surrey, Guildford, and many others. You can use our website to get an online quote or contact us. You can also arrange a site visit and share your heating requirements with our engineers. Our heating systems and solutions aim to provide the comfort of controlled indoor temperature and energy costs. Get in touch with our underfloor heating specialist in Portsmouth to get your underfloor heating system.

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Get both heating & cooling with wet system

There are two underfloor heating systems: Electric (dry) and water-based (wet). Wet underfloor heating systems have an advantage over dry ones. As the heat transfer medium in a wet system is water, you can use hot water to heat the floors during winters and use cold water to cool the floor during summers. Electric underfloor heating systems can only provide heating as the heat transfer medium is electric cables. A wet system’s dual benefits can save energy costs throughout the year instead of just winter. Regardless of which system you want for your underfloor heating in Portsmouth, you can rely on our experts, who will provide you with flawless underfloor heating Portsmouth installation.

Better heat transfer

An underfloor heating system is more efficient compared to other systems. Hot water from your boiler passes through an entire network of water pipes installed under your floor. The pipes become heated and exchange heat with your flooring. Your flooring radiate heats and warms up the air. It follows a down-to-up system to heat the air inside your room, thus leaving no cold spots, which are often experienced with central heating systems. Therefore, the underfloor heating system employs more than one heat transfer mode to provide uniform and efficient indoor air heating. These systems have another benefit. The room stays warm even after you turn off the heating system. You can further enhance the efficiency of your heating system by applying underfloor heating screed in Portsmouth. Therefore, underfloor heating systems save you money on many fronts. Contact us if you want to reap the cost benefits of installing an underfloor heating system.

Safer for people

A central heating system needs radiators installed in several rooms to provide heat. Their metal surfaces will get hot when they are operating. Anyone who accidentally touches them can get hurt in an instant. Although adults are careful and would seldom do this on purpose, children are unaware of the dangers and would easily get attracted to radiators. The elderly, too, may accidentally touch the radiators and get hurt. If you have children or the elderly at home, you need to give priority to safety. Underfloor heating systems are entirely concealed under your floor. No parts are visible, and there are no hot surfaces which can result in an accident. Our expert engineers can provide you with the safe and reliable installation of underfloor heating in Portsmouth so that you and your loved ones can enjoy the warmth without danger.


Saves your space

As radiators are installed above the surface and in your rooms, they will take up space. If you are short of space and are already trying to conserve it, installing an underfloor heating system is your best bet. With no parts or installations above the floor, you can use all the space you want in any way you like.


Installation, repairs and general servicing

Our underfloor heating installers in Portsmouth are readily available to provide installation services for your underfloor heating systems in Portsmouth and elsewhere in the United Kingdom. And whether you want parts replacement or general servicing, you may connect with our underfloor heating engineer in Portsmouth, who will provide you with all the necessary parts and the fitting service. We also provide periodic inspections to ensure your underfloor heating system runs efficiently and offer liquid screed application that enables you to use thicker insulation and reduce energy bills.


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