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KM Flow Screed – Best Suppliers of Liquid Screeds

KM Flow Screed is the best supplier of liquid screeds and underfloor heating services. We collaborate with major commercial renovators, small-scale residential builders, and general contractors for the finest services in Camberley. No task is too big or too small for our skilled and amiable crew to handle.

What Services Do We Offer?

Our liquid screed Camberley team is an expert in laying various kinds of screeds. Being the oldest screeding services, we specialise in laying the following screeds

Bonded Liquid Screeds

This kind of screed is the best choice for the surface where significant loading is anticipated since it is slurry-bonded to the concrete base. Our liquid screed installation Camberley experts lay the screed on top of a concrete slab and bond it to the slab with an adhesive for the complete process of bonded liquid screeds.

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Unbonded Liquid Screeds 

Unbonded screeds are applied on polythene/damp proof membrane, which is placed on top of the concrete base rather than being bonded directly to the base. Our liquid screed contractors suggest this type of screed for thickness greater than 50 mm. Our unbonded screed is placed on top of a damp-proof membrane to create a barrier between the screed and the concrete. Our liquid screed installation specialists are very careful about the drying process since the drying process is essential when using an unbonded screed because if it goes too quickly, the screed’s edges may deform.

Why Choose the Best Flow Screeding Services in Camberley

 Liquid screeds are a long-term investment for your building. It is a remarkable product that is generally considered a lifesaver for builders. Choosing our best flow screeding services has the following advantages

Liquid Screed Camberley
Liquid Screed Camberley

Levels the Uneven Surfaces

Our liquid screed installation Camberley experts ensure that the screed will reach every corner of the room for a smooth finish so that the tiles or top flooring surface settles on the top without any bump on the surface.

Better Insulation System 

Do you want underfloor heating in your house? Liquid screed is an excellent fit for underfloor heating. It helps your floor heat up more effectively because it thoroughly coats the pipes when it is poured, leaving no place for air bubbles. Moreover, the depth can be decreased so that the heat travels a shorter distance.

Quick Drying Option

With our liquid screed in Camberley installation, your floors will often be ready for use again in just 24 hours. For precautionary measures, we suggest our client’s minimal foot movement on the floor at first until it is entirely dry.

Smooth and Long Long-lasting Screeds Before the Final Finish

With various benefits, our liquid screed in Camberley is becoming increasingly popular for the expert installation of screed flooring. Liquid screed is a new and modern option and is simple to pour. Our liquid screed installation in Camberley experts apply the screed rapidly to make your floor surfaces smooth, equally dispersed, and ready for the final finish. Liquid screed has a higher conductivity than sand and cement, making it an economical and environmentally friendly choice for underfloor heating.

Aftercare Guide for Liquid Screed Installation

Our liquid screed Camberley contractors suggest the following tips to take care of your new liquid screed and prepare it for the final finishing step.

For more site traffic, it is suggested to cover the area with plywood sheets for a temporary barrier. These sheets should be removed in plenty of time to allow for adequate drying.

Our liquid screed installation Camberley crew makes sure that direct sunlight will not reach the surface. After the initial 24-48 hours of curing, windows and doors must be opened.

It is significant to remember that drying times depend on the temperature and humidity in the environment. Our unbonded liquid screed system typically dries up more quickly; hence, our liquid screed contractors in Camberley recommend an unbonded surface for people who want a quick solution for surfacing their floor.

Our trained crew prevents water from reaching the finished screeds, and if water reaches the surface, our team will make a collaborative effort to keep the surface dry. If the screed becomes wet, it could lose a little bit of strength, but it will usually regain it as it dries out.