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Reliable Screed Mixtures

Playing a vital role in modern constructions, liquid screed is a multi-purpose solution ensuring a smooth surface and eliminating the need for extensive manual levelling. It serves as a highly convenient solution for domestic, commercial and industrial settings.

K M Flow Screed guarantees high-quality, durable floor screeds for commercial and domestic clients. From deploying experienced and licensed professionals to utilising the best quality material and latest equipment, we comply with every protocol to ensure durability and client satisfaction.

Hire our expert liquid screed services in Horsham, and get ultimate comfort through a dedicatedly laid floor.

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Elevate Your Flooring with Liquid Screed

Availing of our screed flooring services can help you save your costs via easy, smooth and efficient installations.

Ease of Installation: Liquid screed offers the perfect and quick installation for your flooring needs, reducing time and labour.

Faster Drying Time: We make quality mixtures of screed with each component in the right proportion so that the screed strengthens after a reasonable tenure of 24-48 hours to allow you to walk on it.

No Risk of Shrinkage: We use special ingredients, anti-shrink agents, anti-crack fibres and plasticisers of specific chemical composition to provide excellent workability and resistance to deformation.

Super Smooth Floors: We ensure greater flowability by utilising the best quality materials. This promotes self-levelling ability within screed particles to finally give a super-smooth surface.

Inclusive Screed Flooring Services

K M Flow Screed offer all types of liquid screed in Horhsam for different flooring conditions:

Bonded Screed: Using a good quality bonding agent, we offer bonded screed mixtures to directly connect the screed to the concrete subfloor (substrate). This bonded screed is good for thinner applications where heavy loading is expected.

Unbonded Screed: As experienced liquid screed contractors in Horsham, we proficiently manage excessive dampness with the help of unbonded screed. It is laid on top of a PVC/damp-proof membrane separating it from the concrete substrate. This screed is preferable for thickness exceeding 50mm.

Floating Screed: Our floating screed is preferable for an acoustic or thermal layer. It has a minimum thickness of 65-75mm and is suitable for heavily loaded floors.

Benefit from Our Expert Installations

Dedicated to excellent customer services and superior quality installations of liquid screed in Horsham, K M Flow Screed is a platform of trusted services. Being experienced and knowledgeable about the nitty-gritty of screed flooring, we promise to deliver durable screed floor installations. Connect with us to have smooth liquid screed installations in Horsham.

We Stand Distinct For

  • Years of industry experience enable us to deliver the best.
  • Well-trained and licensed professionals.
  • Being a certified company.
  • Dealing with different types of screed as per client’s demands.
  • A well-maintained fleet of trucks to do the job quickly.


Can I pour liquid floor screed in Horsham in any weather?

You can lay floor screed in any weather provided the outdoor temperature is above 3°C. We ensure making the right arrangements to deliver the screed in its suitable form to eliminate any temperature effect on its strength.

How much screed will I need for my floor?

The volume of screed needed for the floor depends on your requirements and floor conditions. Our experts can help you have a clearer estimate via accurate screed volume calculator. Reach out to us for more details.

What is the cost of liquid screed in Horsham?

The liquid screed cost in Horsham is based on the type and amount of screed you need for your floor. For instance, the cost of the bonded traditional screed is £10-£20 per square metre, while for the unbonded traditional screed, the cost is £10-£15 per square metre. For a precise estimate, consult with our expert contractors.

Would my screed need any care?

Our screed offers reliable strength and smooth and lasting finishing. That’s why it would not require any specific maintenance.

Why is screed needed for my floors?

Floor screed is useful in many ways:

  • It provides a smooth surface for further flooring.
  • It is easy to install and dries quickly.
  • It’s durable and cost-effective.