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Is the Foundation of Your Flooring Resilient?

You surely opt for the best flooring for your houses and offices. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, have you given a thought to its solid foundations? How can your floor depict your unique design choice when it fails to provide a strong base? Is the underfloor base a new concept? Is it now worrying you because it never popped into your mind? Do not worry because K M Flow Screed is in Bracknell to assist and serve you.

Liquid Screed: Flooring Base

Flooring requires a rigid base before its installation. Liquid Screed Bracknell is the material used as a base that gives strength, durability and a smooth surface to the floor. It is also used as an underfloor heating system. 

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Why is Liquid Screed Installation Bracknell Preferred?

The use of liquid screed Bracknell is the updated method. The conventional way of using cement is now upgraded with reliable material. It is preferred due to several reasons, such as:

Easy Preparation and Installation

Liquid screed Bracknell is easier to prepare as it has a relatively simpler method. This type of screed is installed readily.

Quick and Long Lasting Results

Once the installation process is completed, it takes only 24 hours to dry and be in use. Moreover, it does not shrink or expand due to any factor, which means there will be cracks or piles. This is feasible in areas that are busy and require speedy installation.

Thicker Insulation

Since liquid screed takes less, its depth is reduced significantly. Consequently, it provides thicker insulation. Thicker insulation leads to increased thermal efficiency and reduced heating bills. 

Supports All Kinds of Flooring

Flow Screeding services in Bracknell emphasise the usage of liquid screed because it supports all kinds of flooring. Moreover, with a simple polish, the look can be changed completely.

Less Labour Force

One of the plus points of liquid screed is that it requires less labour, reducing the cost of the service you need.

Quick Review of the Procedure

We would be glad to summarise our construction process for you. We have five steps to get you the utmost for your property.

Required Screed is Measured

Our specialist measures the amount of screed required at the site to get the right mixture. The first step is important because less mixture creates the possibility of two batches of the inconsistent mixture. Alternatively, too much mixture is a waste of money and resources.

Soil Checking and Insulation

The dust and debris from the soil are removed and made water-tight. Flow screeding services in Bracknell ensure this process is done with care and safety.

Laying of Water Tight Membrane

This is step 3 and requires appropriate logistics as the screed is to be prevented from leaking. The materials needed depend on the type of screed you choose and the area to operate.

Waterproofing Doors and Steps

The doors and steps are sealed and covered to make them waterproof, so that screed or water does not harm them.

Look After Underfloor Heating Pipes

We make sure that if there are underground heating pipes, then they are protected well. These pipes are secured so that nothing floats when the screed is poured, and the process is carried well.

Now that we are done with sealing and water-tight processes, the liquid screed is ready to be poured. Let the magic begin!

K M Flow Screed for All the Right Reasons

Flow Screeding services in Bracknell are known for their name earned over years of experience and excellence.

Quick Response to Your Call

We understand you are excited to finish your floors and see your possession stand out. Therefore, we will respond to your call within no time. Your clarity of the procedure is required; that is why our responsive team is ready to provide you with any information on your call.

Knowledgeable and Skilled Squad

Liquid Screed Contractors in Bracknell have ensured that all the employees are fully aware of the whereabouts of the procedure. They are trained for precautions and emergencies. This makes the process hassle-free and smooth.

High Working Standards

K M Flow Screed assures high working standards that meet the demands of the best in the industry. With the use of updated technology and premium quality products, our work stands out. We prioritise your satisfaction; therefore, we do not make a compromise in any aspect. We strive for perfection.

In-budget Service

Liquid Bracknell offers budget-friendly services, and the top package is provided according to your wallet. Thus, it would be best if you did not worry about the affordability of the new floor base.

Vast Dealing

We deal with house owners, business people, landlords and developers. Our daily exposure to various people makes us competitive dealers, and our large number of growing customers is proof of our reliability.

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