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You may think that underfloor heating is a new thing, but it goes back to ancient times when people used smoke to heat their floors. Modern systems either use electricity or hot water for Underfloor Heating Services in Surrey.

Water systems are also known as hydronic systems and radiate heat by circulating hot water through a network of pipes installed under your floor.

Electric systems accomplish this by passing electricity through a heating element, typically cables, underneath your floor. Both these systems can be used as central heating systems or isolated for providing heating to a particular room or section. Hydronic systems can be used for both heating and cooling, whereas electric systems can only be used for heating. We are among the best underfloor heating installers in Surrey and have completed countless jobs to the complete satisfaction of our customers. We provide both electric and hydronic systems prepared from premium quality materials and installed by specialists.

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Efficient Heat Distribution Throughout the Floor

Underfloor heating works on all three principles of heating: convection, conduction, and radiation. This ensures that heating is distributed evenly across the floor without leaving any cold spots. The heated floor acts as one big radiator, providing heat to your indoor environment. Our underfloor heating services Surrey will make your home warm and cosy.

Reduces Your Energy Bills

Compared to traditional central heating systems which use multiple radiators, underfloor heating requires a much less volume of hot water resulting in energy savings. Heated water from your boiler flows through an entire network of pipes laid under your floor, exchanges heat with your floor and is recirculated to the system for heating again.

More Living Space

With our efficient underfloor heating Surrey, you can say goodbye to radiators. The entire network of tubes is concealed under your floor, and you do not require any extra space for underfloor systems, giving you more wall space.

Much Safer Than Traditional Heating Systems

As the entire heating system is hidden, it does not offer any risk to people. There are no sharp edges or hot surfaces to worry about. They also eliminate the problem of air pollution, which is common with other central heating systems. This makes them ideal for people who are allergic to dust and debris.

The Right Time for Underfloor Heating Installation Surrey

Underfloor heating installation is not complicated at all. However, it is easier to install during a new build or a house extension. That does not imply that you cannot shift from conventional to underfloor heating systems. Electric systems can be easily installed at any time. However, installing hydronic systems is a little complicated in existing properties.

The replacement of existing heating systems with underfloor heating is still a better idea because of the cost saving they provide. Let our professionals analyse your floor to identify the preparatory work which will be required for installing your underfloor heating system.

Better and Easier Control Over Heating

Modern underfloor heating systems with automatic thermostats can be controlled with the help of smart devices such as laptops, PC, and smartphones. This gives you more control over your heating system, and you can even save your energy bills.

Cost of Underfloor Heating

The cost of Underfloor Heating Services Surrey depends on the system you choose (electric or water), the area you want to cover (whether your entire home or a section/room), and the scale of prep work required. If you are changing your heating system, more prep work and more time will be required, and therefore you will incur a relatively higher cost. New builds will also cost higher than replacing an existing system. Cost is usually charged per square meter. Electric systems are recommended for smaller areas, while hydronic systems are preferred if your coverage area is large.

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