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Our liquid screed specialists in Farnham provide liquid screed applications to residential and commercial properties to enhance insulation capabilities and reduce energy bills. There are two types of liquid screeds: anhydrite screed and cement-based screed. The ability of liquid screed to be pumped or poured makes its installation incredibly easy. It also increases the screed’s reach, ensuring perfect insulation without leaving any spots. If you want higher control over your indoor temperature, enhanced efficiency of your central and underfloor heating systems and cut-down on your energy costs, applying liquid screed is the best way to reap all these benefits. As floor screed contractors in Farnham, we have served countless properties in the United Kingdom and have successfully performed liquid screed applications to the complete satisfaction of our customers. We operate in several regions in the United Kingdom, including Farnham, so give us a call if you want the liquid screed Farnham application.

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More Room for Insulation

Dry screeding is an old technique for creating a smooth layer on concrete surfaces and uses several large-size aggregates. On the other hand, liquid screeding uses much smaller aggregates, resulting in the application of a much thinner layer than dry screed. This leaves more room for installing insulation. Thicker insulation layers can be added, resulting in better indoor temperature control. The efficiency of your heating and air conditioning systems is therefore enhanced. Better insulation also ensures that your rooms stay warm even after you turn off the heating systems. Liquid flooring screeding in Farnham can be applied to both residential and commercial properties. Contact us to learn more about our floor screed Farnham services.

Especially Suitable for Underfloor Heating Systems

Although liquid screeding will enhance the efficiency of any heating system, it is even more useful when it comes to underfloor heating systems. An underfloor heating system typically includes a network of water pipes or electric cables. The network of water pipes is known as a wet system, while the latter is known as a dry system. Regardless of which system you have, liquid screed can help fill the void between the pipes or the electric cables, thus preventing heat loss and increasing the efficiency of your underfloor heating system. Our liquid floor screed suppliers in Farnham can provide premium quality liquid screed that would last a lifetime and ensure that you can get the best out of your underfloor heating system.

Smooth Surface Layer and Sound Insulation

Floor screed Farnham application creates a smooth top layer on concrete surfaces. Some variants of our liquid screed are self-levelling and will fill up the entire surface to create a perfectly uniform surface. Liquid screed will fill any gaps or cracks in your existing concrete layer. You can put your carpets or install any flooring material over the layer without needing further levelling. The smooth and uniform surface created by the liquid screed ensures that your underfloor heating system heats your floor evenly without any cold spots. The application of liquid screed will also increase sound insulation, so the upper floors of your property can also benefit from it. Call us and get your liquid screed application today.


Quick Turnaround and Easy Installation

As the liquid screed is pumped or poured, the application can be completed in one go. It has a very low drying time; after one day, you can walk on the floor. That means you can install the flooring of your choice within 2 to 3 days. This makes it ideal for high-traffic commercial properties as business activities cannot be paused for long. Liquid screed does not shrink, so you do not have to worry about any cracks or un-levelling of the ground. It is also stronger than a dry screed. Applying liquid screed is a one-time expense that would give you cost benefits for years.


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  • Top-quality anhydrite liquid screed application that lasts a lifetime
  • Floor screeding experts in Farnham, who have completed numerous projects
  • Highly competitive rates in the market
  • Less installation time and highly durable liquid screed
  • Lifelong cost savings in the form of lower energy bills
  • Highly improved efficiency of your underfloor heating system
  • No cracking or shrinkage