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Underfloor Heating in Hounslow




Underfloor heating is an effective method of warming residential and commercial spaces using robust and flexible tubing integrated into the floor. This system is efficient and cost-effective, presenting numerous advantages compared to traditional radiators.

Multiple underfloor heating services are on the market, each with merits. The optimal underfloor heating solution for your needs depends on various factors, including the nature of your project, your existing heating setup, and your energy source.

K M Flow Screed specialises in contemporary and efficient solutions for underfloor heating in Hounslow, offering a viable alternative to conventional radiator heating. Our underfloor heating system ensures an open and spacious layout within your living space, delivering even heat distribution without requiring radiators.

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Advantages of Underfloor Heating

Energy Efficient: Research indicates that underfloor heating surpasses conventional radiators in terms of efficiency. Its heightened efficiency results in significantly reduced energy bills for homeowners.

Low Running Cost: Whole house underfloor heating cost is more budget-friendly than traditional radiators and central heating due to escalating gas prices. The running costs of underfloor heating vary with factors like room insulation and usage duration.

Bi-Functional: Underfloor heating is versatile, providing warmth during winter and a cooling effect in summer. This single system ensures your home remains at a comfortable temperature throughout both seasons.

Saving Your Space: Underfloor heating saves space compared to traditional radiators and heating equipment, as it is neatly concealed under the floor. Installation only requires a built-in hydraulic manifold cabinet, making it a perfect fit for compact spaces.

Improved Air Quality: An underfloor heating system offers numerous health advantages. It prevents dust circulation in the room, addressing a highly prevalent concern associated with central heating systems. 

Maintenance Free: Are you anxious about maintaining your new heating system? No need to worry! The underfloor heating system requires minimal upkeep post-installation. Contact our underfloor heating company’s customer sales support if you face any issues.

Which System Suits My Home?

We are providing two types of underfloor heating installations in Hounslow:

Electric System:

Our electrical heating mats, cables and heating kits utilise cutting-edge electric heating technology, making them perfect for home renovation. They boast swift installation and minimal impact on the floor levels.

  • Wires for heating connected to the main electricity supply
  • Perfect for renovation projects and individual room applications
  • Quick installation
  • Maintains existing floor heights

Water System:

Our wet underfloor heating systems are ideal for new construction projects. These systems offer economical long-term operation costs and utilise a UFH manifold to distribute heated water through pipes placed within the subfloor.

  • Water circulates through heating pipes in underfloor systems.
  • Highly recommended for new constructions and spacious areas.
  • Offers the most cost-effective long-term-operations.
  • Compatible with both heat pumps and traditional heat sources.

K M Flow Screed – Premium Solutions in Hounslow

K M Flow Screed is the premier provider of underfloor heating in Hounslow. We have the latest technologies and equipment to handle all the problems, including underfloor heating repairs and maintenance.

  • Quick response
  • Reliable service
  • Trained staff
  • Affordable prices
  • Extensive knowledge

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Can underfloor heating increase my house’s value?

Indeed, underfloor heating can enhance a house’s value by providing an energy-efficient heating solution, a luxurious feel of warm floors, and increased interior design flexibility.

Is underfloor heating a safe and beneficial choice for my health?

Underfloor heating stands out as a safer and healthier option compared to radiators by concealing hot surfaces and eliminating dust traps.

Can my underfloor heating system develop a leak?

The probability of a leak in the system is extremely low. The heating tubes are robust and long-lasting, meeting the most stringent European Standards. They are backed by a 50-year warranty, with the initial ten years being insurance-backed.