Self Levelling Resin Floor




Self-Levelling Resin Flooring for Your Space

KM Flow Screeds is the first choice of customers for self levelling resin flooring services. We install a range of liquid screeds, underfloor heating systems and, finally, resin self-levelling compounds.
When it comes to self-levelling resin floors, we are the experts in the market, providing efficient services to sites like warehouses, factories, workshops and

What is Self-Levelling Resin Flooring?

Self-levelling resin flooring is also known as self-smoothing resin floor. A self-levelling epoxy is a type of floor covering laid on top of concrete or chipped concrete floor to attain a durable, levelled surface that requires low maintenance.
The epoxy gives a hard and dense coating that quickly fills the gaps between the concrete floors.
There are three main types of resin which are used in the majority of resin flooring installations.

  • Epoxy
  • Methyl Methacrylate or MMA
  • Polyurethane

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Places Where Self-Levelling Resin Flooring Is Used

Nearly all sectors with concrete floors can benefit from self levelling resin flooring. In the industrial sector, it is suitable for areas witnessing excessive movement of trucks that routinely transport heavy loads. On top of that, their glossy look and finish make the space appear spacious, bigger and attractive.

Self-levelling resin floor is suitable for places such as:

  • Shopping Centres
  • Retail Stores 
  • Bathrooms
  • Cafeterias
  • Restaurants
  • Food Industries
  • Exhibition Complexes
  • Car Parks
  • Business Areas, and So Forth


How Does Self-Levelling Resin Flooring Work?

A key part of every successful self-levelling resin flooring project is to execute the right method of preparing the concrete floor and select experienced contractors for the job. At KM Flow Screed, we ensure that everything is perfectly defined and correctly coordinated according to your requirements.

But how is the process of self levelling resin flooring carried out?

  • The application process begins with the surface and base preparation for the resin to adhere.
  • Next is to apply the self-levelling resin and let it set.
  • Once the coat is set, it does not require further polishing or finishing.
  • Still, if you want to polish the resin, you can use a polishing compound or an abrasive paper.
  • Our wonderful selection of compounds and self-levelling resin screed will ensure a flawless finish on your floor.

    Styles of Resin Flooring to Choose From

    The beauty and elegance of resin flooring manifest in several styles, features and textures. You can have the floor that meets your need by choosing the following styles:

    • Clear Resin Flooring
    • Coin Resin Flooring
    • Concrete Resin Flooring
    • Stone Resin Flooring
    • 3D Resin Flooring
    • Glitter Resin Flooring
    • Marble Resin Flooring
    • Metallic Resin Flooring
    • Wood Resin Flooring
    • Over-Tiles Resin Flooring
    • Pebble-dashed Resin Flooring
    • Polished Resin Flooring
    • Quartz Resin Flooring
    • Textured Resin Flooring
    • Decorative Resin Flooring
    • Coloured-glass Resin Flooring
    • Terrazzo Resin Flooring
    • Sand and Gloss Resin Flooring

    Does Self-Levelling Resin Floor Make a Difference?

    Epoxy resin flooring has a fabulous finish and look. It has lots of advantages for both commercial and industrial properties.

    The advantages of self-levelling epoxy resin floors include the following:

    • Appearance: The self-levelling resin floor’s calm and serene look is a key benefit. Because epoxy resin is a by-product of plastic, it has a natural shine and is highly clean.
    • Chemical Resistance: Several places, such as laboratories and garages, consume chemicals. Therefore, a self-levelling resin floor system with chemically resistant epoxy can be easily installed to avoid and prevent corrosion.
    • Customisable: Another amazing benefit is getting various colours and finishes to choose from. For instance, solid surfaces are available in coloured and clear varieties. On the other hand, marble and metallic finishes can also be added to lobbies and bathrooms.
    • Cost: The hefty self-levelling resin flooring cost of a larger-scale installation for industrial settings can burn a hole in your pocket. One of the least expensive types of flooring is epoxy resin, which makes it a practical choice for even vast surface areas.
    • Easy to Clean: Because resin flooring provides a seamless and smooth finish, it can be cleaned with a simple wipe. Chemically resistant resin is suitable for use in medical and scientific contexts since it can withstand very potent cleaning agents.

    K M Flow Screed: Why Are We the Better Choice?

    • We hold a leading position in the industry and are known for the quality and reliability of our installations.
    • The main factor in choosing us is our quality of work.
    • Our workers will install a self-levelling resin floor system using only top-quality components.