Heating systems have undergone immense evolution as technology has advanced. They have travelled through time from fire pits to radiators and now underfloor heating systems. These systems are the most advanced and efficient heating systems that not only provide heating in an optimised way but also bring safety, better aesthetics and tranquillity to your space.

Our blog explores the advantages and disadvantages of electric underfloor heating systems to help you make an informed and wise decision when it comes to deciding the heating system for your house.

Pros of Electric Underfloor Heating System

Radiant Warmth

Electric underfloor heating systems provide a radiant warmth that transmits upward from the floor, making the environment of your room more pleasant and uniform throughout the space. It provides a cosier and more comfortable environment as compared to traditional radiators.

Low Installation Costs

Electric underfloor heating systems offer a highly cost-efficient installation as compared to other systems. These systems do not require much surface preparation other than the subfloor, which reduces the installation costs significantly.

Faster and Easier Installation

Electric underfloor heating systems are extremely easy to install. You can just lay the wires on the subfloor rather than fitting them on the subfloor. Moreover, they also have fewer components as compared to the hydronic underfloor heating system.

Versatile Flooring Options

Since the electric systems comprise thinner wires as compared to the pipes in wet systems, they can leave more room for insulation and allow you to choose any flooring material you want. From processed wood to tiles and stones, you can select any flooring surface.

Quicker Action

Hydronic systems need hot water and steam to heat up your room, which can take some time to create the effect. On the other hand, electric systems are faster as they run on electricity. They will create a warm and cosy environment much quicker than other systems.

Easy Retrofitting

The electric underfloor heating systems do not require much disruption or installation of additional layers like wet underfloor heating systems. That is why they can be easily laid under the finished floor by simply removing the surface material.

Low Maintenance Costs

The wires of an electric underfloor heating system have a polypropylene coating on them, which is a resilient and tough material. It requires extremely low maintenance, which ultimately reduces the maintenance costs for your electric underfloor heating system.

Clean Appearance

The underfloor heating system provides your room with a cleaner and more aesthetic look by removing the bulky radiators. It also does not require any ductwork as it functions under the floor. This not only provides you with additional space but also improves the looks of your room.

Silent Functioning

Electric underfloor heating systems do not create noise or vibrations. Rather, they work silently beneath the floor surface, which provides added tranquillity along with warmth and comfort.

Smart Thermostats

These systems also offer you an opportunity to control your heating systems through an integrated smart thermostat. You can manage your temperature through your mobile phone or laptop from anywhere.

Underfloor Heating Harrow

Cons of Electric Underfloor Heating Systems

High Running Cost

Although electric UFH systems offer easy and cost-effective installation options, it must be kept in mind that they run on electricity, which is an expensive source of energy and causes massive increases in your heating costs.

Hot Spots

Electric systems have a quicker turnaround time and can heat up a room pretty quickly. However, if you do not place your furniture carefully, the flat-bottomed items may disrupt the airflow and cause hot spots on the floor.

Require Insulation

Owing to their high running costs, these systems are not feasible for rooms with high heat losses. If you install it in a place with no insulation, the mere running cost of the system can become unbearable.

Difficult Repairs

It is also worth noting that repairing an electric underfloor heating system can be highly difficult. A wiring fault in the system is usually difficult to locate and you may need to remove your flooring to find out the location, which can be extremely unpleasant.